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gold finished soccer ball sneaker

5 Reasons to Bronze Your Old Sports Items

If you have a sport that you have played professionally or as a hobby, it is because you love the said sports. Here are reasons why you should bronze your old sports items.   



Whether you played any sports professionally or as a hobby, those memories never go away. This is the case especially when you start growing old and can no longer play such games. The only thing you have of those sweet old times are your memories.

 By bronzing your old sports items, you are immortalizing your memorable moments. Most importantly, you can customize the item with the names, events, dates, and awards won.



With time, age catches up with your beloved old sports items. The only ideal thing to do to keep them from aging is bronzing them. Bronzed items last longer compared to non-bronzed ones.



If you have friends, relatives or people you mentor and inspire, you can gift them your old sports item. This, to them, acts as a reminder of not just the person you are but also the sport you inspire them to play.

Additionally, customizing it with maybe some moments of you that are special to them will melt their hearts.



Cleaning a bronzed item is much easier than having to wash a non-bronzed one. By bronzing your old sports items, your only job will e polishing them once in a while to keep them shiny.


Family Tradition

With a bronzed sports item, you can start or carry on a family tradition of showcasing achievements and milestones. Instead of boxing all your family achievements and keeping them in the garage, they can be bronzed and displayed somewhere in the living. This way, they can be passed from one generation to the other.


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