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Ways to honor veteran

5 Ways to Honor a Veteran

After the first anniversary in celebration of our returned soldiers during World War 1, it became a national tradition. In honor, celebration and support of our brave soldiers this year, you can do something out of the ordinary to those veterans in your life. Buy them perfect gifts that represent their life in services, as well as a long-lasting gift.

Here are some gift ideas:

Bronzed Boots  

We all have seen how shiny those boots are, always. It is the first task a soldier learns- how to shine their boots. It is also a task they do all so diligently, like everything else, and have a deep connection to it.

So, a bronzed pair of their boots will last a lifetime and will be a precious memory of their sacrifice.

What’s more is that it can be mounted on a base of your choosing. Personalise it by adding their name, rank pins, and even the duration they served.

Bronzed Cover (Hat)

What we civilians call a military hat is actually called a cover. As a representation of all the etiquette they learned and preserved while in services, a bronzed cover would be a perfect gift.

It can either be unmounted or be mounted on a base that pleases you. Also, a little personalization will go a long way in showing that you put some into it. Have it engraved with their initials or the period they served- just anything that will melt their heart.  

The American Eagle Statue

If you are looking for a perfect gift for a veteran on this year’s anniversary, something that represents America and is not just the flag, then a bronzed statue of the Bald Eagle is the ideal gift.

This will be a perfect reminder of the country they served anytime they see it!