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Gold Bronze Finishes Animla Skull

Animal Skull Art

Unless you live in a log cabin in the woods, the chances are, mounted animal heads as décor aren’t your thing. But what has been trending amongst homeowners with a more chic and eclectic taste are gilded animal skulls.

Sure it may sound a bit morbid at first, but once you take a look through some of the inspiration images we’ve found, we bet you will change your mind.

Gilded animal skulls are becoming more popular within the artistic community and purchasing such an item could cost a buyer thousands of dollars. Why not bypass the hefty price tag and custom make your own? After all, art is supposed to be a medium through which you express yourself, so make it yours!

At the Bronzery, we can custom bronze any size and type of skull that you can imagine. Stick with a rustic bronze look or opt to add a metal finish in pewter, silver, or gold for a more modern look. And if you’re feeling more inspired, try embellishing the piece with beads, gems, or carvings to make it a true one-of-a-kind.

 Who knows, maybe someone might want to make you a hefty offer for your creation.









DIY: Animal Skull Art