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Best Back to School Gift Ideas

Best Back to School Gift Ideas

Back to school days can be sulky especially for kids. No more sitting around following their favorite TV series. Or going out to play whenever they feel like. To lighten up someone mood, here are a few back to school gift ideas.



A customized or personalized bookend will go a long way in uplifting one’s mood when going back to school. I, for instance, would be thrilled to get a bookend with my initials or a bookend of my favorite character. This is where I can store any books I buy during that semester or my favorite books so far.


Sport Items

For a friend or relative who loves sports, you can get them a bronzed sports item. It could be a baseball, football, a glove or a helmet. The list is endless! Just look for an item of the sport they play in school or enjoy following. To make it more enticing, have it personalized with a sweet back to school message. That should lift their mood during the term or semester.


A Gift Box

A customized gift box bearing a congratulatory certificate and any preferred item will do. It could be an encouraging back to school message on the certificate or a congratulatory message for making it that far. Because one sometimes does need to hear such words to keep pushing on. Items such as customized pens, journal or favorite books can be included in the gift box.


Bronzed Ruler and Pencil

A bronzed ruler and pencil on a black lacquer base can lighten one’s mood on a back to school day. A personalized message, their initials, or a congratulatory message will leave a smile on their face- for that whole semester!



If you know someone who loves the arts and is going to school, customized paintbrushes on a walnut base will encourage them to keep at it. This will give them the morale to keep doing their art while in school.