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Baby shoe bronzed

Childhood Memories

Yesterday we paid homage to National Peanut Butter Lovers Day by partaking in a few of our favorite childhood snacks, of which, of course included the PBJ sandwich, toasty grilled cheese, and what’s left of a few boxes of Girl Scout cookies in the pantry (there’s still one week left to replenish our stash before cookie season is over!). Taking a trip down memory lane left us with full and happy bellies; it also got us thinking: what other childhood items do we recall upon fondly?


Many of us tend to throw away childhood memorabilia that are passed down to us from our parents. Maybe storage space is limited or that they simply could not withstand the test of time. We’ve come up with a few fun DIY ideas for your bronzed baby items. Preserve your childhood memories and your children’s precious objects by repurposing them as items that you’ll be using over and over again.

baby shoe bookends

Baby shoe bookends

custom teeth charms

Custom jewel/initialed baby’s first tooth charms

baby teeth necklace charms

Baby’s first tooth necklace charm

teeth earrings

Baby’s first teeth earrings

teeth cufflinks

Baby’s first teeth cufflinks

baby button ring

Baby’s clothing buttons - jewelry charms

baby button cufflinks



baby button silver cufflinks

Baby’s clothing buttons - cufflinks

pacifier keychain

Baby pacifier keychain charm

baby shoe keepsake box

Baby’s first pair of shoes keepsake box

baby blocks

Baby's letter blocks - paperweights

golden toy duck

Baby’s favorite toy - money bank

shoe wall art

Mount baby/child’s shoes on the wall as art

baby bibs

Bronze baby bibs and use as coasters

bronze baby spoon handle

Baby’s first spoon – cookie jar/drawer handle

baby bottle

Bronze baby bottle with name in raised letters as a customized gift to a new mom


Feeling inspired? Contact our team to start your DIY memorabilia project!