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Gift Ideas for My Granny

Grandparents are the best people in one’s life- and parents, of course. But grannies win! My granny was okay with almost everything I did growing up. I got away with things my parents would have skinned me alive for. I was spoilt and I loved it. This is why I spent most of my holidays and weekends at granny's house.

For this, I know granny deserves loads of gift as appreciation. I did a little window shopping for perfect gifts and came up with the below. You can consider these gifts for your granny too!

Personalized Photo Frame

One of the gift ideas I would settle to give granny is the most treasured family picture. It is a picture of all family members during one of the holidays. I only need to make it more personalized and presentable.

I might go for a mounted, antique bronzed photo frame. The mounting base comes in wood, marble or metal. The base can be engraved with a favorite phrase or family initials.


Grannies will always take the crown when it comes to almost everything life. They are loving, very understanding and they spoil us. This is why I would consider getting granny a crown. It is well earned and deserved.

I might even consider getting it engraved. The bronzed crown placed on a walnut base can go on the cabinet for everyone to see.

Bronze Figurine

A bronzed figurine of granny and a child will go a long way in reminding granny of our bond. Placed on an engraved mount, the figurine can be personalized with a personal message on the mount.

Best Granny Award

A personalized, bronze award with a “Best Granny” message will also be ideal as a gift. I can choose one of her favorite art pieces to be mounted on the walnut base together with the award.

What would you get granny from my list?