Do you have a special someone graduating? Picking an impressive and long-lasting graduation gift can be a headache. We are here to make it less stressful with our gift ideas that can be bronzed.


Graduation Figurine

This graduation gift comes either as a female or a male figurine dressed in a graduation gown, holding a book and a scroll on each hand. The figurine is all bronzed and stands on all bronzed books. This is an ideal gift because it is long lasting and every element of it is a representation of the hard work put to graduate.


Bronzed cap

A bronzed graduation cap lying next to a bronzed scroll will also make a perfect graduation gift. To make it even better you can the two laid together on a cushioned bronze. It is about 50mm in size and will serve as an excellent reminder of their graduation day.


A wise owl

At one point we all memorized the wise owl line: “a wise old owl sat in an oak, the more heard the less he spoke. The less he spoke the more he heard. Why are we all not like that wise old bird?” Imagine getting a bronzed owl set on a bronzed oak piece with books as branches! Now, that makes for a memorable graduation gift.


Personalized Plaque

Get a personalized plaque with any message you want to pass on their graduation. The hanging plaque is ideal because it is durable and they can hang it anywhere in their room. Apart from your personalized message, it also comes with an engraved graduation congratulatory message from us.


Picture frame

Everyone wants that one perfect graduation picture. To make this even fancier, get them a bronzed graduation picture frame. It can be engraved with your congratulatory message.