Interior Design: How to Be Original


Bronze has taken over the market in interior designing. You can personalize your favorite items using bronze and even in designing the interiors of your house. Below are a few ways to do it:


Baby shoes

Baby shoes are tiny, adorable and representation the most beautiful moment in a parent’s life. Having a pair of bronzed shoes in your living room will make the place look stunning.


You can play around with this by getting un-mounted shoes or mounted one. The mounted shoes give you more and better options. They could be mounted on a bookend for your books, a photo where you can use the photo of your baby or even on a marble.



If anyone in your house is a sports fanatic then bronzing a sports item could be a way of reminding them of what they love as well as decorating your house. It could be a football, or a mounted helmet, a baseball or a golf club. The choice is unlimited and will depend on what you want.  



Did you know that you can have a bronzed item that represents your favorite pet? If you love dogs or cats get bronzed paws mounted on a marble or a wooden base. An un-mounted paw ornament can hang on your walls. Horseshoes on a wooden base will also do well if you love horse riding. No matter what your favorite pet is, you can have a bronzed item for it.


Favorite item

Whatever item you would want hanging on your walls or place on your coffee table or bookshelf, you can have it bronzed. From an airplane model to your favorite character, a stiletto, or a crown. You only need to choose a favorite item to decorate your house.