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Most Meaningful Wedding Gift

Most Meaningful Wedding Gift

With summer coming up, you know that the wedding season is upon us. Are you trying to shop for a perfect, unique and personal wedding gift? Or is your wedding coming up and you are looking for gifts to register? We have some brilliant wedding gift ideas for you.


Bronzed coasters


A personalized, bronzed out set of coasters will remind the newlyweds of their most important day whenever they serve out drinks. To make the gift more personal, have the coaster set engraved with the couple’s names, their wedding date or any catchy message that will melt their hearts.


Mounted Picture


Have a personal picture of the couple mounted on solid metal or wooden base. It could be a picture of their engagement, or their favorite picture.  If you settle on a solid metal mount, the finishing of the mount can be bronze, silver, gold or pewter.


Personalize it further by engraving it with your preferred message. You can also have a favorite item of the couple mounted together with the framed picture.   


Bronzed Candle Snuffer


Imagine enjoying a candlelit dinner with your love? Or when you get home too tired and all you can think of is a relaxing bath with scented candles! When ready to extinguish the candles, all you need to use is a personalized antique bronzed candle snuffer. For a wedding gift, consider going for the love heart candle snuff.


Bronzed Couple sculpture


A miniature lovebirds sculpture with bronzed couples will make a great gift for a wedding. The sculpture can be mounted on your preferred base. To make it more personal, engrave it with a catchy, love message.


For couples only bronzed sculpture, you can settle for one with dancing figurines, in any of the favorite dancing styles of the couple.


Happy shopping!