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Pet: Lifetime Memory of Your Beloved Companion

Pet: Lifetime Memory of Your Beloved Companion

The loss of ones beloved pet can be as traumatizing as losing a close friend of family member. In some cases, the grief can be even more. There are a number of ways of preserving the sweet memories of your beloved companion.


Paw Print


A bronzed print paw of your pet will go a long way in preserving the memory of your pet. To make it even more special, you can have it customized with the name of your pet on it.


You have the choice of choosing a paw print ornament that comes with a ribbon you can use to hang on your wall.


If you do not prefer it as an ornament, you can have the paw prints on a black base. This can go on your dresser, or the fire place, or even your bookshelf.


Collar Band


Does your pet need a collar band? You do not have to wait till your pet has breathed its last breathe for you to get a collar band. Get one now, and you can remain with it as a reminder in case your pet passes on.


The collar band can be antique bronze, silver, pewter, or Gold. To personalize it, have it engraved with the name of your pet.


Mounted Collar with Badges


Has your pet won any contests? Or have you bought a cute badge for your pet? You can preserve any of the badges your pet has, together with its engraved collar on a mounted wooden base.


Personalized Horseshoes


Are you a fan of horses? If your beloved companion is a horse then fret no more. With personalized horseshoes, mounted on a wooden base, you will have the memory of your horse permanently. Have the horseshoes engraved with the name of your horse.