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Kid game with ball

Top 5 Ball Sports for Kids

Allowing kids to plays games keeps them busy, and away from the TV or their mobile phones. Sports games for kids also keep them healthy and fit. It will also create great memories for them as they grow up.

Here are top 5 ball sports for kids:

Bottle- Bash Soccer

Instead of playing the usual soccer, kids can incorporate bottle smashing to make it more interesting. All that is needed is a group of kids to form two teams and around ten water-filled bottles of 2-liters.

The goal is to kick down the opponents’ bottles to change possession of the ball. The team with the last bottle standing wins.  

Not it!

Get a large softball and a group of kids. Whoever is “It” throws the ball at one of the players. The other player can either catch to the ball to become “It” or dodge it. If this player catches the ball, “It” loses a point but if they are hit by the ball, they lose a point. The last kid standing wins the game.


This a cross between football and volleyball. Tie a string 1ft above the ground and 10 ft across. The kids will need to toss the ball across and prevent it from touching the ground. Whoever fails to keep it from touching the ground when they throw will lose a point. A threshold of points can be determined before the game. Whoever gets those points first is the winner.

Say and Catch

The players come up with a category like animals or countries among others before starting the game. The ball is tossed randomly, and one is supposed to name something from the category when the ball is tossed towards them.

Players that miss to catch the ball or name something from the category leave the game. The last kid standing is the winner of the game.

Down Down Down

Kids will throw the ball amongst themselves, randomly. When one misses catching the ball for the first time they go down on one knee, then down on the second knee if they miss to catch it on the second throw. On a third miss, the player places their hand behind their back, a player is out of the game when they miss the fourth time.  

How to Create Memories

Remember the memory bit we talked about? Well, you can bring these balls to Bronzery for bronzing and personalization for future purposes!

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