Since Mother's Day is around the corner, avoid last minute rush. This way, you will shop for something that depicts her character, what she loves and melt her tender heart. We know you might be stressed out trying to pick that perfect gift, so here are some of our favorite options for you:


  • Baby Shoes

Not just any baby shoes but customized baby shoes made of silver, bronze, gold or pewter. Our mothers still keep the shoes we wore as babies. But has time done justice to them? Why not get long lasting ones for her? Something to keep reminding her of her baby’s sweet little feet.


These ones top our list mostly because you can get them in different varieties. From unmounted pairs or single shoe to mounted ones. If your mom loves reading you can get her a mounted bookend. If you want one with a picture of you then this is the perfectMother’s Day gift. You’ll just be spoilt for choice here!


  • Stiletto Award

Mothers sometimes are like magicians: run around in stilettos multitasking between work and home affairs. A customized stilettomade of her favorite finishing will not only reflect that side of her but also last a lifetime to remind her of her youthful days.


  • Personalized Trophy

Trophies are for winners and mothers are winners. This is why your mother deserves one to celebrate her this Mother’s Day. Pick a finishing that matches her theme color such as gold, silver or bronze. Since you can personalize it, have it engraved with her initials, or a sweet message.


  • Crown

Crown your mother this year's Mother’s Day like the queen she is. She deserves a crown made of antique bronze to celebrate her effort at running her little kingdom so successfully.


Whatever you decide to do, make her feel loved on Mother’s Day because she deserves it.