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baby shower gift bronzed baby bookend

Gift Ideas For Baby Showers

Babies bring along both happiness and celebration moods, hence the baby shower. If you have expecting parents in your circle, it is good to gift something they will cherish forever.  

For those long-lasting baby shower gifts, Bronzery leaves you spoilt for choice. However, we have a few picks to help you make your decision.

Bronzed Baby Shoes

Their cute little feet, the tiny shoes they wear, and the patter of their tiny feet. Everything about a baby’s feet is just beautiful and memorable for the parents. A bronzed pair of shoes or just one shoe will last a lifetime.

The shoe or pair of shoes can be mounted on a base of your liking, and personalized too.

Maybe you can add a photo of the parents or have it engraved with a special message.

Bronzed Pacifier

Pacifiers are the saviors for new parents especially when it comes to soothing the baby. Cuddling and rocking the baby might work but for some, pacifiers soothe them the best.

As a reminder of these trying times, a bronzed pacifier will do just the trick. It can be mounted on a marble with the finishing you prefer. For personalization, have it engraved with the name- if the parents have already picked the name- or any message that will melt their hearts.

Photo Frame

A bronzed photo frame where the new parents can put pictures of their newborn’s first year in this world will do wonders. In this era, we are all obsessed with freezing time and preserving memories with pictures. For babies, it is even more perfect because they grow up so fast and parents want to keep these memories forever.

Bronzery Gift Box

In case you want to wait till the baby is born and the parents have used at least one pair of shoes on the baby, a gift box is a perfect gift for a baby shower. The gift box comes with a certificate to bronze a pair of shoes. All the new parents need to do is send that pair of shoes whenever they are ready.

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