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gift idea - Valentine day -marry me


Every relationship is full of significant moments, turning points, and milestones. Not all of them are nice – because relationships are, like life itself, full of ups and downs – but those that hold a particular significance for us.

If you have a keepsake that gives you and your significant other warm feelings every time you look at it, a keepsake that reminds you of a particular situation that meant a great deal to you, think about turning it into a literal treasure. Bring it to us and we will preserve such items and turn them into an everlasting reminder of love and togetherness.

So think about that time when you traveled abroad. Remember that shell you found at the beach or that little thing you spontaneously bought during one of your sunset walks?


Or maybe, if you are engaged, you could have your proposal ring box bronzed so that it can be kept as a reminder of that moment when it was first opened and those four sweet little words were uttered.

Another nice gift would be to get your significant other a bronzed casting of their pet’s paw, with a sweet and witty engraving. There’s no way that will leave them indifferent.



Or, if your significant other is a big baseball fan, maybe you can get the ball from one of the games you’ve seen together and had it bronzed with some significant message on it.



Really, options are numerous.  All you have to remember is that it's the little things in life that matter the most.


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