It is the little things in people we love that remind us of them and the special moments with them years down the line- even after that they are long gone.


It could be your babies pair of shoes that remind you of their first baby step. Maybe it is a photograph holding your dearest memories. Or simply an item that reminds your loved ones of their hobbies, career advancements or life’s milestones.


Whatever the occasion, we, at Bronzery, freeze your special moments in time.


Baby Shoes

What are the most memorable moments of your child’s life? We will help you preserve those priceless moments by bronzing a shoe or pair of shoes you bring to us. The shoes can be unmounted or mounted on a base of your liking- metal, wooden or marble.


Corporate Awards 

We are here to help you appreciate your employees with the kind of personalized gifts they deserve. Maybe you want to recognize the many years of service they have dedicated to your company. Or you need customized trophies and awards for an event. From mounted items such as shoes, pens, planes to favorite characters among others, we have got you covered.   


Sports Items

For your loved ones that are fans or players, we have an array of sports items you can bronze for them. Don’t leave your personal moments behind, too. Bring those baseball bats, footballs, golf balls, gloves or masks and many more for a chance to preserve them forever.


Service Memorabilia

There is no enough way to thank our service men and women. Nevertheless, a simple gesture such as a bronzed American Eagle, a military cover, combat boots or a fireman’s boot will go a long way in showing your appreciation.


With these categories, among others, your items can be engraved with personal messages. All you need to do is tell us your story and we will craft it for you!