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What You Should Know About Gathering Safely For Thanksgiving

What You Should Know About Gathering Safely For Thanksgiving

If you are planning a big celebration for Thanksgiving, there are things you should know, especially with new outbreaks of COVID-19 in the U.S. This means there are still risks of infection whether solely or in groups.

I would wager to say that most people are looking forward to things getting back to normal with no end in sight. During this holiday season, there will be new traditions in place whether we are happy about it or not. Here are some requirements that must be followed:

You should keep your celebrations as small as possible during this pandemic.

If you are planning to attend a Thanksgiving parade, attend events like a turkey trot for fun, or have a large family gathering of a family member that does not live with you, you must show cautions.

All the above could put you and your family at risk. To keep everyone safe there are two requirements you must follow. Make sure you wear a mask and practice social distancing where ever possible.

According to infectious diseases and infection control experts, the best way to protect yourself and family members during Thanksgiving, have small gatherings with only people who live in your household.  Going to gas stations, hotels, airports, or hopping on a plane will be more crowded this time of year. You should consider minimizing your plans by celebrating at home.

If this thought of celebrating Thanksgiving celebrations will be removed from your calendar, find ways to celebrate more safely.

You might consider shopping for gifts and Thanksgiving decor online, watch parades on television,  exchange family recipes through emails,  and connect virtually.

According to Catherine Powers-James, Ph.D., a licensed psychologist in the Integrative Medicine Center sharing a Thanksgiving meal is not only a super important but a very powerful feeling of joy. You can still do this in a responsible manner to savor the aromas and flavors together.

Consider having small socially distanced outdoor gatherings in open areas in the country that allow for good weather conditions in November.  This helps to reduce the risk of any transmissions.

How To Minimize Your Exposure To COVID-19 -

There are several important steps you can take to minimize any chances of COVID-19 exposure whenever possible.  If you are a family member suffers from cancer, you know these people are at a higher risk of contracting the virus or developing complications 

Stay away from areas that will be overcrowded including shopping malls during Black Friday, attending marathons, and parades. Again,  maintain social distancing which is almost impossible in these situations.

If you have a family member traveling from out of tow such as a college student, ask them to be tested before leaving their location and have everyone in your home wear a mask and distancing measures.

For a long weekend or an entire week, there really is not enough time to self- quarantine so it’s really important to play it safe and not be sorry.