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Why Your Company Should Have Its Own Award Ceremony

This begs the question: why don’t more businesses have them? Receiving an award not only serves as a boost to a person’s worth but it does wonders for businesses as well because it makes employees feel appreciated and in turn are more likely to continue working with enthusiasm. It is well known that a key to a successful business lies in motivated and engaged employees.

Employees that are motivated and engaged tend to seek better ways to do their job and are generally more productive. Creating an award or trophy via a company like Bronzery is a quick and sure way to preserve accomplishments and inspire others to perform their best. A quick literature review of management texts suggest the following for organizations considering award ceremonies of their own:

Reason 1:

Tailor praise so that it is clear and specific but keep in mind it should respect the individual employee’s personality and culture.

Reason 2:

Allow all employees to participate. Ask for input when designing the scheme and have them recommend and recognize peers in the giving of awards.

Reason 3:

Awards should be linked to performance because by doing so, this encourages repeated excellence.

Reason 4:

Rewards should not be isolated to awardees but should also recognize nominators as this builds bonds among staff.

Reason 5:

Recognition should visibly recognize the employee through formal ceremonies, plaques, or certificates. Tangible evidence such as the creation of an award or trophy will publicly motivate both the employee and his/her peers.


These types of rewards, although small, provide a big boost to morale and as stated can increase productivity, morale, job satisfaction, and overall involvement in organizational functions. These actions can help maintain positive attitudes and can add overall balance to the company.


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