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Five Great Ideas To Celebrate Halloween Safely!

This year, there are new fears and concerns for celebrating Halloween and none of them include ghosts!  According to Dr. Beth Thielen, a pediatric infectious disease physician at the University of Minnesota medical school and John Jost who operates the city of  Anoka’s annual Halloween celebration which has many changes this year. They are sharing their ideas and suggestions to navigate through this celebration while dealing with the pandemic. Re-check Your Expectations There are many traditional Halloween practices such as trick-or-treat and coming in contact with many other people face to face. This year, in order to prevent the spreading of COVID-19 there are aspects of Halloween that must be changed. Dr.  Thielen said do not think about this in...

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8 Fun Activities To Do With Kids This Summer

Here is a list of fun activities  to do with your kids this summer: Camp in yard Get a tent in the backyard and spend the night underneath the stars. This free summer activity has one major benefit over normal camping: there’s a working toilet couple feet away! Don't have a backyard? Make your own camp in the living room! Plan a Bike Parade Tell your kids to decorate their rides with streamers, stickers, flags, and more—then let them cruise around the neighborhood to show off their creation. Make a bird feeder Invite summertime birds to your yard with a DIY bird feeder. To make it, simply coat sticks with peanut butter and roll them in birdseed. It’s the perfect opportunity to teach...

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45 Ways to Honor and Celebrate Our Veterans

We have compiled for you a list of 45 things you can do to honor a Veteran. Our Veterans selflessly served our Country for our freedom and we can't take this lightly. Honor our Veterans any day of the year by picking one of these suggestions, and let our Veterans know how much they mean to you. Attend an event on Veteran’s Day. Ask a Veteran to tell you stories about their time in the military, and ask questions. Hang a US flag in your yard. Ask a Veteran to tell you the song reminds him the most about the time he served. Visit a gravesite of a Veteran. Volunteer at a homebound Veteran, talk with them and thank them for their service. Bronze a military hat...

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5 Ways to Show Appreciation for Your Military Spouse

In 1984 President Ronald Reagan declared that the Friday before Mother's Days should be Military Spouse Appreciation Day. This is a special day to recognize the importance of spousal duty and commitment to the readiness and well-being of military members. In 2020, the Military Spouse Appreciation Day will be celebrated on May 8. If you are wondering how best to show your appreciation to your spouse, don't look further. We are here to help! We know that this year is especially difficult, because of the events happening across the world. Here are a few ideas to help you show the military spouses in your life how much you appreciate them on Military Spouse Appreciation Day, and every day: Cook a meal Military spouses often have a...

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5 Fun Things To Do With Kids at Home

Trying to keep them entertained at home? In between being homeschooled and the confinement, it's time to get creative and plan some good old-fashioned family fun. If you’ don't know what to do with the kids, we’ve got some ideas to get you started with Bronzery. Create a Treasure Hunt When the kids start to feel bored up - it's time to send them on a treasure hunt. You can organize it either in the house, in the backyard or around the neighborhood (at a social distance!, of course) It is easy and fun to do with an n old piece of a brown paper bag. Draw the map, leave the clues, the treasures and let the kids find the fun! Make FLOAM Kids love FLOAM! Here is...

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