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Kid game with ball

Top 5 Ball Sports for Kids

Allowing kids to plays games keeps them busy, and away from the TV or their mobile phones. Sports games for kids also keep them healthy and fit. It will also create great memories for them as they grow up.

Here are top 5 ball sports for kids:

Bottle- Bash Soccer

Instead of playing the usual soccer, kids can incorporate bottle smashing to make it more interesting. All that is needed is a group of kids to form two teams and around ten water-filled bottles of 2-liters.

The goal is to kick down the opponents’ bottles to change possession of the ball. The team with the last bottle standing wins.  

Not it!

Get a large softball and a group of kids. Whoever is “It” throws the ball at one of the players. The other player can either catch to the ball to become “It” or dodge it. If this player catches the ball, “It” loses a point but if they are hit by the ball, they lose a point. The last kid standing wins the game.


This a cross between football and volleyball. Tie a string 1ft above the ground and 10 ft across. The kids will need to toss the ball across and prevent it from touching the ground. Whoever fails to keep it from touching the ground when they throw will lose a point. A threshold of points can be determined before the game. Whoever gets those points first is the winner.

Say and Catch

The players come up with a category like animals or countries among others before starting the game. The ball is tossed randomly, and one is supposed to name something from the category when the ball is tossed towards them.

Players that miss to catch the ball or name something from the category leave the game. The last kid standing is the winner of the game.

Down Down Down

Kids will throw the ball amongst themselves, randomly. When one misses catching the ball for the first time they go down on one knee, then down on the second knee if they miss to catch it on the second throw. On a third miss, the player places their hand behind their back, a player is out of the game when they miss the fourth time.  

How to Create Memories

Remember the memory bit we talked about? Well, you can bring these balls to Bronzery for bronzing and personalization for future purposes!

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baby shower gift bronzed baby bookend

Gift Ideas For Baby Showers

Babies bring along both happiness and celebration moods, hence the baby shower. If you have expecting parents in your circle, it is good to gift something they will cherish forever.  

For those long-lasting baby shower gifts, Bronzery leaves you spoilt for choice. However, we have a few picks to help you make your decision.

Bronzed Baby Shoes

Their cute little feet, the tiny shoes they wear, and the patter of their tiny feet. Everything about a baby’s feet is just beautiful and memorable for the parents. A bronzed pair of shoes or just one shoe will last a lifetime.

The shoe or pair of shoes can be mounted on a base of your liking, and personalized too.

Maybe you can add a photo of the parents or have it engraved with a special message.

Bronzed Pacifier

Pacifiers are the saviors for new parents especially when it comes to soothing the baby. Cuddling and rocking the baby might work but for some, pacifiers soothe them the best.

As a reminder of these trying times, a bronzed pacifier will do just the trick. It can be mounted on a marble with the finishing you prefer. For personalization, have it engraved with the name- if the parents have already picked the name- or any message that will melt their hearts.

Photo Frame

A bronzed photo frame where the new parents can put pictures of their newborn’s first year in this world will do wonders. In this era, we are all obsessed with freezing time and preserving memories with pictures. For babies, it is even more perfect because they grow up so fast and parents want to keep these memories forever.

Bronzery Gift Box

In case you want to wait till the baby is born and the parents have used at least one pair of shoes on the baby, a gift box is a perfect gift for a baby shower. The gift box comes with a certificate to bronze a pair of shoes. All the new parents need to do is send that pair of shoes whenever they are ready.

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military cover navy

Birthday Gift Idea for Veteran

Picking the best gift idea for a veteran might seem like the hardest task you will ever do. The good news is that we have a whole category of gifts for veterans. And, out of all these, we have picked some birthday gift ideas for the veteran in your life. Whether they were in the Navy, Air Force, Marine, or the Amy.

Here you go;

Military cover

Whether they were in the military or the police, this single military cover will be a great way to celebrate them on their birthday. Pick between silver, gold, antique bronze, or pewter finishings.

Mounted men’s cover

Or this single men’s cover that is mounted on a black lacquer base. You can have the base engraved with a cheesy birthday message to make it more personal.

And this lady’s cover

And if your beloved brave veteran is a lady, buy them this USN cover. Pick a finishing that will agree with their home’s interiors when they finally get to display it.

Or a cap?

Aye, aye, captain! Personalize this mounted US Navy cap with a birthday message for that Navy veteran about to hit another milestone. You can include all the conquests they have won in the line of duty or the time they served.

Boots too are a perfect gift

And you can adorn this pair of mounted combat boots with all the ranks they have ever held. What better way is there to celebrate a veteran’s birthday than with their lifetime accomplishments?   

The favorite veteran award, maybe?

A personalised light bulb award for being your favorite veteran, and a brave one. Their service contributed to peace and light for many citizens.

Or a statue

How about an antique bronzed character? Gift them their favorite childhood character with a message to remind them they are aging- do it nicely *wink*.  

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pacifier bronze baby keepsake

5 baby keepsake ideas

For every parent, some of the most treasured memories are of their babies. The touch of their little hands, when they first learned how to walk and talk among others. These are memories to be cherished and preserved in the best ways possible. Bronzery will help you preserve your baby’s items, and keep these memories forever alive. We have 5 baby keepsake ideas that you can use to achieve this.

Your item will be preserved in a metal of your choice. Pick between gold, bronze, silver, or pewter.

1.      Unmounted shoes

Whether it is a pair of shoes that your baby had on when he/she took the first or just a single shoe. Maybe it is the pair they were wearing when you first took them to school. Whichever it is, we will preserve it for you.

2.      Mounted shoes

And if you want a more personalized shoe or personalized pair of shoes, have them mounted on a walnut or oak base. The base can be engraved with your baby’s name, or initials. The choice is all yours.

3.      Mounted shoes with photo

Better still, have a photo included in either a wooden mount (oak or walnut) or a metal mounting. The base will also have an engraving in case you like a personalized item.

4.      Pacifier

Remember the first pacifier they had to soothe them to sleep? Or keep them away from sucking their little fingers? Well, you can have it preserved in a metal of your choice.

It is then mounted on a marble base, which is black or white white in color. You can also personalize it by adding an engraving that you prefer.

5.      Bookends

What better way to display your books than with bookends with mounted baby shoes? With this, you will be displaying your favorite items in a unique way.

Choose an item from our 5 baby keepsake ideas and let us preserve your baby’s memorable moments.    

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This is Bronzery

What is Bronzery?

It is the little things in people we love that remind us of them and the special moments with them years down the line- even after that they are long gone.


It could be your babies pair of shoes that remind you of their first baby step. Maybe it is a photograph holding your dearest memories. Or simply an item that reminds your loved ones of their hobbies, career advancements or life’s milestones.


Whatever the occasion, we, at Bronzery, freeze your special moments in time.


Baby Shoes

What are the most memorable moments of your child’s life? We will help you preserve those priceless moments by bronzing a shoe or pair of shoes you bring to us. The shoes can be unmounted or mounted on a base of your liking- metal, wooden or marble.


Corporate Awards 

We are here to help you appreciate your employees with the kind of personalized gifts they deserve. Maybe you want to recognize the many years of service they have dedicated to your company. Or you need customized trophies and awards for an event. From mounted items such as shoes, pens, planes to favorite characters among others, we have got you covered.   


Sports Items

For your loved ones that are fans or players, we have an array of sports items you can bronze for them. Don’t leave your personal moments behind, too. Bring those baseball bats, footballs, golf balls, gloves or masks and many more for a chance to preserve them forever.


Service Memorabilia

There is no enough way to thank our service men and women. Nevertheless, a simple gesture such as a bronzed American Eagle, a military cover, combat boots or a fireman’s boot will go a long way in showing your appreciation.


With these categories, among others, your items can be engraved with personal messages. All you need to do is tell us your story and we will craft it for you!  


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Best Back to School Gift Ideas

Best Back to School Gift Ideas

Back to school days can be sulky especially for kids. No more sitting around following their favorite TV series. Or going out to play whenever they feel like. To lighten up someone mood, here are a few back to school gift ideas.



A customized or personalized bookend will go a long way in uplifting one’s mood when going back to school. I, for instance, would be thrilled to get a bookend with my initials or a bookend of my favorite character. This is where I can store any books I buy during that semester or my favorite books so far.


Sport Items

For a friend or relative who loves sports, you can get them a bronzed sports item. It could be a baseball, football, a glove or a helmet. The list is endless! Just look for an item of the sport they play in school or enjoy following. To make it more enticing, have it personalized with a sweet back to school message. That should lift their mood during the term or semester.


A Gift Box

A customized gift box bearing a congratulatory certificate and any preferred item will do. It could be an encouraging back to school message on the certificate or a congratulatory message for making it that far. Because one sometimes does need to hear such words to keep pushing on. Items such as customized pens, journal or favorite books can be included in the gift box.


Bronzed Ruler and Pencil

A bronzed ruler and pencil on a black lacquer base can lighten one’s mood on a back to school day. A personalized message, their initials, or a congratulatory message will leave a smile on their face- for that whole semester!



If you know someone who loves the arts and is going to school, customized paintbrushes on a walnut base will encourage them to keep at it. This will give them the morale to keep doing their art while in school.


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gold finished soccer ball sneaker

5 Reasons to Bronze Your Old Sports Items

If you have a sport that you have played professionally or as a hobby, it is because you love the said sports. Here are reasons why you should bronze your old sports items.   



Whether you played any sports professionally or as a hobby, those memories never go away. This is the case especially when you start growing old and can no longer play such games. The only thing you have of those sweet old times are your memories.

 By bronzing your old sports items, you are immortalizing your memorable moments. Most importantly, you can customize the item with the names, events, dates, and awards won.



With time, age catches up with your beloved old sports items. The only ideal thing to do to keep them from aging is bronzing them. Bronzed items last longer compared to non-bronzed ones.



If you have friends, relatives or people you mentor and inspire, you can gift them your old sports item. This, to them, acts as a reminder of not just the person you are but also the sport you inspire them to play.

Additionally, customizing it with maybe some moments of you that are special to them will melt their hearts.



Cleaning a bronzed item is much easier than having to wash a non-bronzed one. By bronzing your old sports items, your only job will e polishing them once in a while to keep them shiny.


Family Tradition

With a bronzed sports item, you can start or carry on a family tradition of showcasing achievements and milestones. Instead of boxing all your family achievements and keeping them in the garage, they can be bronzed and displayed somewhere in the living. This way, they can be passed from one generation to the other.


Contact Bronzery now and get a quote to bronze Your Favorite Sports items

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pet silver bronzed

Gift Ideas for My Granny

Grandparents are the best people in one’s life- and parents, of course. But grannies win! My granny was okay with almost everything I did growing up. I got away with things my parents would have skinned me alive for. I was spoilt and I loved it. This is why I spent most of my holidays and weekends at granny's house.

For this, I know granny deserves loads of gift as appreciation. I did a little window shopping for perfect gifts and came up with the below. You can consider these gifts for your granny too!

Personalized Photo Frame

One of the gift ideas I would settle to give granny is the most treasured family picture. It is a picture of all family members during one of the holidays. I only need to make it more personalized and presentable.

I might go for a mounted, antique bronzed photo frame. The mounting base comes in wood, marble or metal. The base can be engraved with a favorite phrase or family initials.


Grannies will always take the crown when it comes to almost everything life. They are loving, very understanding and they spoil us. This is why I would consider getting granny a crown. It is well earned and deserved.

I might even consider getting it engraved. The bronzed crown placed on a walnut base can go on the cabinet for everyone to see.

Bronze Figurine

A bronzed figurine of granny and a child will go a long way in reminding granny of our bond. Placed on an engraved mount, the figurine can be personalized with a personal message on the mount.

Best Granny Award

A personalized, bronze award with a “Best Granny” message will also be ideal as a gift. I can choose one of her favorite art pieces to be mounted on the walnut base together with the award.

What would you get granny from my list?

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4th of July: Gift Ideas

4th of July: Gift Ideas

While you might be busy figuring out how to celebrate Independence Day, it is also good to get your loved ones some gifts. Let them remember how patriotic they are and their love for this country.


Below are some gift ideas to consider.


Statue of the American Bald Eagle


Among the things that define America is the American bald eagle. It symbolizes strength, majesty and a long life. A bronzed American Eagle will be a perfect way to remind a loved how strong and majestic this country is. Not forgetting its long life!


Statue of Liberty


As an emblem of freedom and a better life full of dreams and hope, the statue of Liberty shows what America is and stands for. A bronzed statue of liberty would be ideal for a loved one this 4th of July. Let it go on their wall or top of the cabinet as a reminder of the freedom and dreams.


Bronzed Liberty Bell


The Liberty Bell symbolizes more than our freedom. It has been used many times in our history since its commissioning especially when announcing the important national news. A Bronzed version of it, including the famous crack, can be given out as a gift to a loved one.


You can have it mounted on a metallic or wooden base. To personalize the gift, have it engraved with your preferred message.


Bronzed USMC Coin


A bronzed USMC coin bearing the US Marine emblem can be an excellent gift for 4th of July. This would also be a perfect gift for a loved one who serves or has served the country as a Marine.


It can be as a pendant that they can hang on their wall. To make it more personal, have it engraved with the initials of the person.


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Most Meaningful Wedding Gift

Most Meaningful Wedding Gift

With summer coming up, you know that the wedding season is upon us. Are you trying to shop for a perfect, unique and personal wedding gift? Or is your wedding coming up and you are looking for gifts to register? We have some brilliant wedding gift ideas for you.


Bronzed coasters


A personalized, bronzed out set of coasters will remind the newlyweds of their most important day whenever they serve out drinks. To make the gift more personal, have the coaster set engraved with the couple’s names, their wedding date or any catchy message that will melt their hearts.


Mounted Picture


Have a personal picture of the couple mounted on solid metal or wooden base. It could be a picture of their engagement, or their favorite picture.  If you settle on a solid metal mount, the finishing of the mount can be bronze, silver, gold or pewter.


Personalize it further by engraving it with your preferred message. You can also have a favorite item of the couple mounted together with the framed picture.   


Bronzed Candle Snuffer


Imagine enjoying a candlelit dinner with your love? Or when you get home too tired and all you can think of is a relaxing bath with scented candles! When ready to extinguish the candles, all you need to use is a personalized antique bronzed candle snuffer. For a wedding gift, consider going for the love heart candle snuff.


Bronzed Couple sculpture


A miniature lovebirds sculpture with bronzed couples will make a great gift for a wedding. The sculpture can be mounted on your preferred base. To make it more personal, engrave it with a catchy, love message.


For couples only bronzed sculpture, you can settle for one with dancing figurines, in any of the favorite dancing styles of the couple.


Happy shopping!  


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Pet: Lifetime Memory of Your Beloved Companion

Pet: Lifetime Memory of Your Beloved Companion

The loss of ones beloved pet can be as traumatizing as losing a close friend of family member. In some cases, the grief can be even more. There are a number of ways of preserving the sweet memories of your beloved companion.


Paw Print


A bronzed print paw of your pet will go a long way in preserving the memory of your pet. To make it even more special, you can have it customized with the name of your pet on it.


You have the choice of choosing a paw print ornament that comes with a ribbon you can use to hang on your wall.


If you do not prefer it as an ornament, you can have the paw prints on a black base. This can go on your dresser, or the fire place, or even your bookshelf.


Collar Band


Does your pet need a collar band? You do not have to wait till your pet has breathed its last breathe for you to get a collar band. Get one now, and you can remain with it as a reminder in case your pet passes on.


The collar band can be antique bronze, silver, pewter, or Gold. To personalize it, have it engraved with the name of your pet.


Mounted Collar with Badges


Has your pet won any contests? Or have you bought a cute badge for your pet? You can preserve any of the badges your pet has, together with its engraved collar on a mounted wooden base.


Personalized Horseshoes


Are you a fan of horses? If your beloved companion is a horse then fret no more. With personalized horseshoes, mounted on a wooden base, you will have the memory of your horse permanently. Have the horseshoes engraved with the name of your horse.


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Interior Design: How to Be Original

Interior Design: How to Be Original

Interior Design: How to Be Original


Bronze has taken over the market in interior designing. You can personalize your favorite items using bronze and even in designing the interiors of your house. Below are a few ways to do it:


Baby shoes

Baby shoes are tiny, adorable and representation the most beautiful moment in a parent’s life. Having a pair of bronzed shoes in your living room will make the place look stunning.


You can play around with this by getting un-mounted shoes or mounted one. The mounted shoes give you more and better options. They could be mounted on a bookend for your books, a photo where you can use the photo of your baby or even on a marble.



If anyone in your house is a sports fanatic then bronzing a sports item could be a way of reminding them of what they love as well as decorating your house. It could be a football, or a mounted helmet, a baseball or a golf club. The choice is unlimited and will depend on what you want.  



Did you know that you can have a bronzed item that represents your favorite pet? If you love dogs or cats get bronzed paws mounted on a marble or a wooden base. An un-mounted paw ornament can hang on your walls. Horseshoes on a wooden base will also do well if you love horse riding. No matter what your favorite pet is, you can have a bronzed item for it.


Favorite item

Whatever item you would want hanging on your walls or place on your coffee table or bookshelf, you can have it bronzed. From an airplane model to your favorite character, a stiletto, or a crown. You only need to choose a favorite item to decorate your house.


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