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5 Ways to Honor a Veteran

After the first anniversary in celebration of our returned soldiers during World War 1, it became a national tradition. In honor, celebration and support of our brave soldiers this year, you can do something out of the ordinary to those veterans in your life. Buy them perfect gifts that represent their life in services, as well as a long-lasting gift. Here are some gift ideas: Bronzed Boots   We all have seen how shiny those boots are, always. It is the first task a soldier learns- how to shine their boots. It is also a task they do all so diligently, like everything else, and have a deep connection to it. So, a bronzed pair of their boots will last...

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Top 10 Reasons to Give a Personalized Gift

Top 10 Reasons to Give a Personalized Gift Finding a gift in this era is not hard. Actually, a simple Google search will give you countless ideas. Does the “gift” show how much you know the recipient? Most often than not the answer is no. Why? Because it not a personalized gift. Below are the top 10 reasons to give a personalized gift. Building a Stronger Connection A personalized gift lets the recipient know that you really do care about them. You have taken the time to learn about them. That gift will remind them why you are in their life, and why they need you in it. Thoughtful Remember “it’s the thought that counts’’? Well, a personalized gift shows...

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Top 5 Ball Sports for Kids

Allowing kids to plays games keeps them busy, and away from the TV or their mobile phones. Sports games for kids also keep them healthy and fit. It will also create great memories for them as they grow up. Here are top 5 ball sports for kids: Bottle- Bash Soccer Instead of playing the usual soccer, kids can incorporate bottle smashing to make it more interesting. All that is needed is a group of kids to form two teams and around ten water-filled bottles of 2-liters. The goal is to kick down the opponents’ bottles to change possession of the ball. The team with the last bottle standing wins.   Not it! Get a large softball and a group of...

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Gift Ideas For Baby Showers

Babies bring along both happiness and celebration moods, hence the baby shower. If you have expecting parents in your circle, it is good to gift something they will cherish forever.   For those long-lasting baby shower gifts, Bronzery leaves you spoilt for choice. However, we have a few picks to help you make your decision. Bronzed Baby Shoes Their cute little feet, the tiny shoes they wear, and the patter of their tiny feet. Everything about a baby’s feet is just beautiful and memorable for the parents. A bronzed pair of shoes or just one shoe will last a lifetime. The shoe or pair of shoes can be mounted on a base of your liking, and personalized too. Maybe you...

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Birthday Gift Idea for Veteran

Picking the best gift idea for a veteran might seem like the hardest task you will ever do. The good news is that we have a whole category of gifts for veterans. And, out of all these, we have picked some birthday gift ideas for the veteran in your life. Whether they were in the Navy, Air Force, Marine, or the Amy. Here you go; Military cover Whether they were in the military or the police, this single military cover will be a great way to celebrate them on their birthday. Pick between silver, gold, antique bronze, or pewter finishings. Mounted men’s cover Or this single men’s cover that is mounted on a black lacquer base. You can have the...

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