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Graduation Present Ideas

Graduation Present Ideas

Do you have a special someone graduating? Picking an impressive and long-lasting graduation gift can be a headache. We are here to make it less stressful with our gift ideas that can be bronzed.


Graduation Figurine

This graduation gift comes either as a female or a male figurine dressed in a graduation gown, holding a book and a scroll on each hand. The figurine is all bronzed and stands on all bronzed books. This is an ideal gift because it is long lasting and every element of it is a representation of the hard work put to graduate.


Bronzed cap

A bronzed graduation cap lying next to a bronzed scroll will also make a perfect graduation gift. To make it even better you can the two laid together on a cushioned bronze. It is about 50mm in size and will serve as an excellent reminder of their graduation day.


A wise owl

At one point we all memorized the wise owl line: “a wise old owl sat in an oak, the more heard the less he spoke. The less he spoke the more he heard. Why are we all not like that wise old bird?” Imagine getting a bronzed owl set on a bronzed oak piece with books as branches! Now, that makes for a memorable graduation gift.


Personalized Plaque

Get a personalized plaque with any message you want to pass on their graduation. The hanging plaque is ideal because it is durable and they can hang it anywhere in their room. Apart from your personalized message, it also comes with an engraved graduation congratulatory message from us.


Picture frame

Everyone wants that one perfect graduation picture. To make this even fancier, get them a bronzed graduation picture frame. It can be engraved with your congratulatory message.

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Father’s day: best gift idea

Father’s day: best gift idea

Bronze Sports Item


Most, if not all fathers, are into sports. Getting him a bronzed sports item for Father’s Day would be perfect. The gifts are long-lasting, beautiful, and will symbolize his love for sports.


If your father is either a football, rugby or cricket fan then a customized ball will be ideal. The choices for Father’s Day when it comes to sports are endless. You just need to pick one that resonates with him and have it customized for you.


Customized Trophy

 Is your father a technophile or Car Enthusiast? Do not worry because whatever it is, you can turn it into a customized trophy. Include a lovely message like ‘Best Father Ever”. All you need to know is what tickle’s his fancy and you’re good to go.


A Model Plane

 All men are still little boys deep inside. Give them a toy and their inner child lightens up. This is why a customized model airplane might be the perfect gift for Father’s Day. Not only will it lighten up his moods, but will also symbolize the element of success in his life.


A Brain Model

Every man wants his family to have the best in life, which involves sacrificing his happiness. A customized brain would create an aww moment for any father.


We hope that your shopping spree for the best gift has been made easier. Celebrate your father and get him a memorable gift

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Bronzed Military Boots


Whether for holidays, birthdays, anniversaries, or other special occasions, choosing a special gift for your military family members can be pretty hard, especially if you yourself have never served. But you know how important it is to show them how much you love them and appreciate what they have done for your country and your family – to make sure your gifts are personalized and have a certain sentimental value. To help you out, we've compiled a list of nine best gift ideas for your military family members.


If your military family member has kept their military boots, think about preserving them in bronze and turning them into a personal monument of their service. We at Bronzery can do this for you. We can also mount them on the base of your choice and add a personalized inscription or add rank pins to the set.


Another great item to turn into a bronze token of their time spent in the military is their cover or a hat. You can have this cover mounted on wooden, metal, or marble base and add a picture or engrave a sweet message to it.


Few things are more patriotic than the American eagle statue. Your military family member will love it and be filled with pride every time they look at it.


Made to hold a properly folded veteran’s flag, this is the perfect gift for veterans, military retirees, and those that are about to retire.


Order a caricature of your military family member in a scene of your choice (driving a tank, flying a military helicopter, or other) – it will be original and amusing, but still, a very thoughtful gift that will make your military family member smile from ear to ear.


Because the US Military runs on coffee, you can’t go wrong with a personalized military coffee mug. Besides the official insignia of the military, you can also have the member’s name added.


Military-themed stockings are a great gift for the military member who’s coming home for Christmas. Add something that will remind them of you while they’re away, and don’t forget to add a supportive and loving message.


You can buy glass ornaments featuring the emblem of the Army, Navy, Marine Corps, Air Force, or Coast Guard, or you can have some of your military member’s personal memorabilia bronzed and turned into an ornament.


Buy a personalized military keychain that will remind your military family member of their time spent in service. You can also use one of their personal keepsakes and have it bronzed and turned into a keychain, so they can take it with them everywhere they go. Think about adding a personalized message to it as well.

And to complete your gift, add lots and lots of love.

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Pizza Hut , company award

Why Your Company Should Have Its Own Award Ceremony

This begs the question: why don’t more businesses have them? Receiving an award not only serves as a boost to a person’s worth but it does wonders for businesses as well because it makes employees feel appreciated and in turn are more likely to continue working with enthusiasm. It is well known that a key to a successful business lies in motivated and engaged employees.

Employees that are motivated and engaged tend to seek better ways to do their job and are generally more productive. Creating an award or trophy via a company like Bronzery is a quick and sure way to preserve accomplishments and inspire others to perform their best. A quick literature review of management texts suggest the following for organizations considering award ceremonies of their own:

Reason 1:

Tailor praise so that it is clear and specific but keep in mind it should respect the individual employee’s personality and culture.

Reason 2:

Allow all employees to participate. Ask for input when designing the scheme and have them recommend and recognize peers in the giving of awards.

Reason 3:

Awards should be linked to performance because by doing so, this encourages repeated excellence.

Reason 4:

Rewards should not be isolated to awardees but should also recognize nominators as this builds bonds among staff.

Reason 5:

Recognition should visibly recognize the employee through formal ceremonies, plaques, or certificates. Tangible evidence such as the creation of an award or trophy will publicly motivate both the employee and his/her peers.


These types of rewards, although small, provide a big boost to morale and as stated can increase productivity, morale, job satisfaction, and overall involvement in organizational functions. These actions can help maintain positive attitudes and can add overall balance to the company.


Create today your own company award, like Pizza HutNike or Chick Fil'A already trusted us !

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Mother's Day gift Ideas

Mother’s Day: most original gift idea

Since Mother's Day is around the corner, avoid last minute rush. This way, you will shop for something that depicts her character, what she loves and melt her tender heart. We know you might be stressed out trying to pick that perfect gift, so here are some of our favorite options for you:


  • Baby Shoes

Not just any baby shoes but customized baby shoes made of silver, bronze, gold or pewter. Our mothers still keep the shoes we wore as babies. But has time done justice to them? Why not get long lasting ones for her? Something to keep reminding her of her baby’s sweet little feet.


These ones top our list mostly because you can get them in different varieties. From unmounted pairs or single shoe to mounted ones. If your mom loves reading you can get her a mounted bookend. If you want one with a picture of you then this is the perfectMother’s Day gift. You’ll just be spoilt for choice here!


  • Stiletto Award

Mothers sometimes are like magicians: run around in stilettos multitasking between work and home affairs. A customized stilettomade of her favorite finishing will not only reflect that side of her but also last a lifetime to remind her of her youthful days.


  • Personalized Trophy

Trophies are for winners and mothers are winners. This is why your mother deserves one to celebrate her this Mother’s Day. Pick a finishing that matches her theme color such as gold, silver or bronze. Since you can personalize it, have it engraved with her initials, or a sweet message.


  • Crown

Crown your mother this year's Mother’s Day like the queen she is. She deserves a crown made of antique bronze to celebrate her effort at running her little kingdom so successfully.


Whatever you decide to do, make her feel loved on Mother’s Day because she deserves it.


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Military Cap

Best Welcome Gift Ideas for a Soldier

There are a number of gifts for this occasion but getting the best is not an easy feat. We have some of the best welcoming gift ideas for that beloved soldier in your life. Below are some of our best welcoming gift ideas for that beloved soldier in your life:


Bronzed American Eagle Statue 

The bald eagle is the emblem of the United States of America because of its strength, majestic looks and ability to live for long. Gifting a soldier a bronzed American eagle statue as a welcome gift will represent the will to fight and protect the Nation. It will also serve as a reminder of the military life.


Customized Combat Boots

 One way to preserve a soldier’s memory of their combat life is by getting them customized boots. The boots can be made from bronze finishing, gold, pewter, or silver so you are spoilt for choice. The best part about this gift is that it comes with mounted pins indicating their rank. It can also be customized to indicate their names and time served.


Personalized Cap

If your loved one is in the Navy we have just the perfect gift, a personalized cap. All you need is your preferred picture, which will be mounted on a custom walnut plaque. Most importantly, do not forget to include their name and any message you’d want to pass to them.

Antique Handgun

For the men and women who are on their last tour of duty, a customized handgun with bronze finishing would be the preferred gift. Such a welcoming gift to a soldier symbolizes their life in service.  

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gift idea - Valentine day -marry me


Every relationship is full of significant moments, turning points, and milestones. Not all of them are nice – because relationships are, like life itself, full of ups and downs – but those that hold a particular significance for us.

If you have a keepsake that gives you and your significant other warm feelings every time you look at it, a keepsake that reminds you of a particular situation that meant a great deal to you, think about turning it into a literal treasure. Bring it to us and we will preserve such items and turn them into an everlasting reminder of love and togetherness.

So think about that time when you traveled abroad. Remember that shell you found at the beach or that little thing you spontaneously bought during one of your sunset walks?


Or maybe, if you are engaged, you could have your proposal ring box bronzed so that it can be kept as a reminder of that moment when it was first opened and those four sweet little words were uttered.

Another nice gift would be to get your significant other a bronzed casting of their pet’s paw, with a sweet and witty engraving. There’s no way that will leave them indifferent.



Or, if your significant other is a big baseball fan, maybe you can get the ball from one of the games you’ve seen together and had it bronzed with some significant message on it.



Really, options are numerous.  All you have to remember is that it's the little things in life that matter the most.


Bronzery - We  Bronze Anything !

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Gold Bronze Finishes Animla Skull

Animal Skull Art

Gilded animal skulls are becoming more popular within the artistic community and purchasing such an item could cost a buyer thousands of dollars. Why not bypass the hefty price tag and custom make your own? After all, art is supposed to be a medium through which you express yourself, so make it yours!
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Baby shoe bronzed

Childhood Memories

Taking a trip down memory lane left us with full and happy bellies; it also got us thinking: what childhood items do we recall upon fondly? And how can you use them and keep them for generations to come?
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Women's day

Women’s day “How to Celebrate Women”

International Women’s Day is a very special day around the globe. Its celebration surpasses religions, borders, race, and socioeconomic statuses. There are many ways for you to celebrate the women in your life on this special day.

Regardless of their age, your budget and the relationship between you, you cannot fail to find a suitable gesture to celebrate her.  

Here are a few suggestions that will melt her heart;

A personalized gift

If you are looking for a gift that will show someone how well you know them, then personalizing an item will do that. At Bronzery, we make the deal sweeter for you- a customized personal item that will last forever.

You can personalize such a cowboy boot, a stilettos award, or an item of their favorite game among other things. Include a short message, which can be engraved for you and you are good to go.

Gift certificate

When you cannot choose the ideal personalized gift, our gift certificate has got you covered. With this, she can choose to customize whatever she wants, within the amount you have purchased for her.

Call or Text

A simple phone call or text message works wonders. It shows that you are thinking about them on International Women’s Day. Wish her a happy day and let her know what makes her so special.  

A treat

Take that special woman or women in your life to her/their favorite restaurant and treat them to lunch or dinner date.

If that sounds expensive for you, you can make homemade food. She or they will not fail to notice the effort and they will enjoy. Make the meals in advance, accompanied by some hot or cold beverage for an evening of banter.   

Gift basket

A gift basket with their favorite treats such as candy, flowers, a bottle of wine and a bouquet of their favorite flowers will lift up her spirit. And of course, a card with a lovely message will also do the trick.


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