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5 baby keepsake ideas

For every parent, some of the most treasured memories are of their babies. The touch of their little hands, when they first learned how to walk and talk among others. These are memories to be cherished and preserved in the best ways possible. Bronzery will help you preserve your baby’s items, and keep these memories forever alive. We have 5 baby keepsake ideas that you can use to achieve this. Your item will be preserved in a metal of your choice. Pick between gold, bronze, silver, or pewter. 1.      Unmounted shoes Whether it is a pair of shoes that your baby had on when he/she took the first or just a single shoe. Maybe it is the pair they were...

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What is Bronzery?

It is the little things in people we love that remind us of them and the special moments with them years down the line- even after that they are long gone.   It could be your babies pair of shoes that remind you of their first baby step. Maybe it is a photograph holding your dearest memories. Or simply an item that reminds your loved ones of their hobbies, career advancements or life’s milestones.   Whatever the occasion, we, at Bronzery, freeze your special moments in time.   Baby Shoes What are the most memorable moments of your child’s life? We will help you preserve those priceless moments by bronzing a shoe or pair of shoes you bring to us....

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Best Back to School Gift Ideas

Back to school days can be sulky especially for kids. No more sitting around following their favorite TV series. Or going out to play whenever they feel like. To lighten up someone mood, here are a few back to school gift ideas.   Bookend A customized or personalized bookend will go a long way in uplifting one’s mood when going back to school. I, for instance, would be thrilled to get a bookend with my initials or a bookend of my favorite character. This is where I can store any books I buy during that semester or my favorite books so far.   Sport Items For a friend or relative who loves sports, you can get them a bronzed sports...

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5 Reasons to Bronze Your Old Sports Items

If you have a sport that you have played professionally or as a hobby, it is because you love the said sports. Here are reasons why you should bronze your old sports items.      Preservation Whether you played any sports professionally or as a hobby, those memories never go away. This is the case especially when you start growing old and can no longer play such games. The only thing you have of those sweet old times are your memories.  By bronzing your old sports items, you are immortalizing your memorable moments. Most importantly, you can customize the item with the names, events, dates, and awards won.   Long-lasting With time, age catches up with your beloved old sports...

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Gift Ideas for My Granny

Grandparents are the best people in one’s life- and parents, of course. But grannies win! My granny was okay with almost everything I did growing up. I got away with things my parents would have skinned me alive for. I was spoilt and I loved it. This is why I spent most of my holidays and weekends at granny's house. For this, I know granny deserves loads of gift as appreciation. I did a little window shopping for perfect gifts and came up with the below. You can consider these gifts for your granny too! Personalized Photo Frame One of the gift ideas I would settle to give granny is the most treasured family picture. It is a picture of...

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