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Father’s day: best gift idea

Bronze Sports Item   Most, if not all fathers, are into sports. Getting him a bronzed sports item for Father’s Day would be perfect. The gifts are long-lasting, beautiful, and will symbolize his love for sports.   If your father is either a football, rugby or cricket fan then a customized ball will be ideal. The choices for Father’s Day when it comes to sports are endless. You just need to pick one that resonates with him and have it customized for you.   Customized Trophy  Is your father a technophile or Car Enthusiast? Do not worry because whatever it is, you can turn it into a customized trophy. Include a lovely message like ‘Best Father Ever”. All you need to know is what tickle’s...

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Whether for holidays, birthdays, anniversaries, or other special occasions, choosing a special gift for your military family members can be pretty hard, especially if you yourself have never served. But you know how important it is to show them how much you love them and appreciate what they have done for your country and your family – to make sure your gifts are personalized and have a certain sentimental value. To help you out, we've compiled a list of nine best gift ideas for your military family members. BRONZED COMBAT BOOTS If your military family member has kept their military boots, think about preserving them in bronze and turning them into a personal monument of their service. We at Bronzery can do this for...

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Why Your Company Should Have Its Own Award Ceremony

This begs the question: why don’t more businesses have them? Receiving an award not only serves as a boost to a person’s worth but it does wonders for businesses as well because it makes employees feel appreciated and in turn are more likely to continue working with enthusiasm. It is well known that a key to a successful business lies in motivated and engaged employees. Employees that are motivated and engaged tend to seek better ways to do their job and are generally more productive. Creating an award or trophy via a company like Bronzery is a quick and sure way to preserve accomplishments and inspire others to perform their best. A quick literature review of management texts suggest the following for...

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Mother’s Day: most original gift idea

Since Mother's Day is around the corner, avoid last minute rush. This way, you will shop for something that depicts her character, what she loves and melt her tender heart. We know you might be stressed out trying to pick that perfect gift, so here are some of our favorite options for you:   Baby Shoes Not just any baby shoes but customized baby shoes made of silver, bronze, gold or pewter. Our mothers still keep the shoes we wore as babies. But has time done justice to them? Why not get long lasting ones for her? Something to keep reminding her of her baby’s sweet little feet.   These ones top our list mostly because you can get them in different varieties. From unmounted pairs...

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Best Welcome Gift Ideas for a Soldier

There are a number of gifts for this occasion but getting the best is not an easy feat. We have some of the best welcoming gift ideas for that beloved soldier in your life. Below are some of our best welcoming gift ideas for that beloved soldier in your life:   Bronzed American Eagle Statue  The bald eagle is the emblem of the United States of America because of its strength, majestic looks and ability to live for long. Gifting a soldier a bronzed American eagle statue as a welcome gift will represent the will to fight and protect the Nation. It will also serve as a reminder of the military life.   Customized Combat Boots  One way to preserve a soldier’s...

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