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"The Memorial Boot, the job the bronzery did,  way exceeded my expectations.
I totally would recommend."

-David S.

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Healing through Grief and Finding Peace 

Never Forget. Display their Honor and their Memory Proudly.

Custom Keepsake Ideas

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We artistically metallic plate over your loved one's personal item in bronze, silver or 24 karat gold.

Submit a custom order form or give us a call and we will be happy to answer any of your questions and will hold your hand through the entire process.

How does our process work?

We specialize in electro-metal plating, which is a little bit different than what people call "bronze dipping". 

Most Military Keepsakes are very nueanced and bespoke which means submiting a custom order form is the way to go.

We will respond with pricing and more information about the process.

After placing an order with us, either online or over the phone, you mail us a personal item of the deceased.

From there we take the memorable item through a preservation process, capturing every detail, and prepare it to be metal plated. We can plate in Bright Bronze, Antique Bronze, Silver, or 24 Karat Gold. 

Silver and Gold take a second metal plating process and take a couple weeks longer to create a final product. 

The custom keepsake can be plated on a plaque with an engraved message upon request. 

Bases come in black lacquer, and wood, cherry or oak. 

We know greiving is an overwhelming time and we are here to help. 

Feel free to call or message us with any questions you have about our process, what product to order or if you'd like to get a custom quote over the phone. 

Our small team is here to help.

Let us Help you capture Your Loved Ones Memory 

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How Others Found Solace 

"Love my Bronzed cowboy boot. I had my late husband’s cowboy boot bronzed and it turned out amazing! I will cherish it forever!"

- Shannon G.

"Bronzery did a wonderful job on Joe's little shoes that he first wore when he was learning to walk.

Our son passed away in 2018 and I plan to give the beautifully gilded baby shoes to my husband for a birthday present later this month.

They will certainly bring tears to his eyes and it will be an unusual birthday present.

Thank you for doing a wonderful job on the shoes that helped two tiny little feet to take their first steps."

- Anna S. 

"In memory of my youngest son.

I am more than happy & pleased with my item. I can't express how much.

This item means more to me than words can express. I will highly recommend your company to everyone.

My youngest son's 'little shoes'.
He passed away two years ago at the age of 27."

-Michaelann M.

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Lifetime Guarantee

Our 30 year reputation of quality, service and responsibility goes into your artistically crafted keepsake.


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Effortlessly choose the items you want preserved from one of our Collections. Send your item to our facility in Escondido, CA. We plate and ship your prized item from this location.

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Completed Treasure

From the time we receive your item(s), it takes 8 to 10 weeks for your treasure to come back home.

About Us.


"Preserve What's Priceless" is not only our slogan, but it also encapsulates what makes our service unique.

Bronzery has been preserved as a family business for over 30 years.

Lou Mitchell and his wife Diane started the business under the name Continental Bronze. Before Lou's passing, he left the business to his daughter Annie and told her, "You can do it, and don't let anybody tell you that you can't."

This priceless advice was taken to heart, which is why we can artistically preserve any personal keepsake you may have.

Grief is a complex journey...

Discover the healing journey our preservation service provides.  

Contact us at Sales@Bronzery.com | 1 (800) 909-7523  | Mon - Fri from 9 am to 5 pm PST.

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