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About Us

The Bronzery

A Family Tradition Passed Down In Generation.

At the Bronzery, our tag line is “Preserve What’s Priceless” so we are frequently asked, what are the most interesting things we’ve bronzed? 

The high profile jobs we do always come to mind but in reality, the greatest work we do is for the mom who sent in her child’s first pair of shoes along with her husband’s combat boots because her child took his first steps the very day his dad got home from Iraq. Or the fireman’s helmet that survived 9-11 though the hero who wore it did not. Or the game ball that won the championship given to the coach who himself gave so much to his team. Or the Navy cover awarded to the the officer by his men who will miss his leadership but celebrate his 25 years of distinguished service. Or the hiking boots that belonged to a beloved father who passed entirely too soon. 

These stories make us laugh and cry, inspire us and teach us that every project is special to the person sending it in and to whomever is receiving it.    

Our Personal Story 
The owner, Annie Mitchell, has a personal story of her own. Annie’s father, Lou Mitchell, started the Bronzery in the early ‘90’s and Annie worked part-time in the business doing sales and marketing while she attended college. In 1997, Annie got married and it was right about that time that everyone started realizing Lou wasn’t himself. Sadly, he was diagnosed with terminal cancer and died 5 months to the day after Annie’s wedding. 

Shortly prior to Lou’s death, he told Annie he intended to leave her the business. He told her, “You can do it and don’t let anybody tell you that you can’t.” Those words had a powerful and lasting effect on Annie. She quit her other endeavors and committed herself fully to growing the Bronzery. The first few years were tough and not without setbacks, but new processes were implemented and old ones refined so the business could still produce craftsman-quality work but with shorter lead times. We believe that Lou would be proud of where the business is today. The business that started with one, now has many dedicated employees who all believe in Lou’s vision even though they never met him.

Lou had been an avid outdoorsman so Annie bronzed his hiking boots after his passing. One boot she gave to her brother which he cherishes as he and Lou had been hiking buddies, but the other is displayed in our offices and to this day it serves as a constant reminder of how priceless the items we bronze truly are.  

We love what we do at the Bronzery and our quality and attention to detail attest to that. We look forward to working with you to help you turn today’s memory into tomorrow’s treasure.

Your Story. Our Craft.