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A Family Tradition Passed Down To Another Generation.


Our service provides an easy and beautiful way for people to share a story of their life.  From the firefighter’s helmet that survived 9-11 even thou the hero who wore it did not survive, to preserving the game winning ball for the coach who just finished their final game after a 25-year coaching career; we help preserve life’s moments.  These moments are captured inside a beautifully plated keepsake so it can be shared for generations to come. 

Many of our customers share the story behind their keepsake with us.  Often these stories make us laugh or cry.  This is what makes our job rewarding each day.  For over 30 years, people and organizations have entrusted us with some of their most valued processions.  Let us use our craft to preserve your story.   

Customers ask us, “What are the most interesting things you have bronzed?”  To answer that question, please click below to visit our Gallery.