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Bronzing is a process in which an item is encased in a layer of pure copper. The copper is first oxidized and then polished to achieve a lustrous shine thus creating a lasting and memorable keepsake. Items that are pewter, silver and gold plated are first bronzed and then the requested finish plated on top.

Typical turnaround time is 6-8 weeks (not guaranteed).  This means that 6-8 weeks after we received your order for processing, we will return your newly bronzed item back to you via UPS.  If you need to meet a deadline, please take into consideration shipping time. 

Rush service and expedited shipping are available on most items.

We are the actual manufacturer. All shoes are processed at our factory located in Escondido, California and shipped directly back to the customer. Most of the companies you see advertising on the Internet are middlemen that forward the shoes on to us as we are the only commercial manufacturing company providing authentic metal bronzing services in the United States.

Many companies promote “bronzing” when in fact are doing little more than painting shoes. These companies add trace amounts of copper (or any other color) pigment to a lacquer or resin base and essentially dip or paint the shoe a “bronze” color. To ensure that your shoes are being plated with solid metal, look for the word “electroplated.” This is the only word that means genuine metal plated. We use an electroplating process and guarantee our finishes for life.

We are able to plate almost anything that can fit into our tanks;
however, in our experience, the following items don’t tend to plate well:
Stuffed animals (unless we can remove the stuffing)
Certain food item
Certain plant items
Certain paper or cardboard products
Items that are extremely buoyant

Yes we absolutely can.

Unfortunately, shoes laces that are not adhered to the body of the shoe in some fashion tend to be too fragile. We are able to leave laces untied and loosely affixed to the sides of the shoes upon request but our standard procedure is to tie the laces in a bow. What if the shoes have no laces? We can either bronze them without laces, or we can add them at no additional charge when the order is received. Please note on your order what you would like us to do.

Though we’ve made every attempt at simplicity in ordering, it’s impossible to cover every item and option. If you have a unique item, it is generally best to call us and we can help you over the phone to determine cost, time frame and give options as to what’s possible.

Yes! We have a laser engraver and are able to engrave logos- even those with great detail. We request camera-ready artwork but can work with just about any file format. Obviously, the cleaner the original artwork, the better it engraves. Typically, the artwork you would send to a printer works best.

We have been known to turn things around in a week! Really, it depends upon the item being plated, the finish, the complexity of the mounting and how fast you can get us engraving info. Each request is unique, so it is best to call our office and discuss what you want to achieve, your budget and date needed. We can typically tell you over the phone if what you want is possible. We hate to say no, so give us a call and let us help you create an award or keepsake that will be cherished!

We guarantee our work for life. If you are ever in any way dissatisfied with the workmanship, return it to us and we will fix the defect.

We provide rush order services so that you can receive your bronzed item in a pinch. Rest assured, WE MEET DUE DATES. We pride ourselves on our delivery schedule and will let you know up front, before you place the order, if we can or can’t meet your in-hand date.
Below is our breakdown of rush order pricing for BABY SHOES ONLY. Working Days are counted as business days only starting the day we receive your order and ending the day it ships it out. This pricing is for us to rush your order through our factory and does not include transit time or those shipping fees incurred to get you your item by the date required. We always do our best to ship the most economical way possible, but every item is unique and it’s important to know we may need to ship by air. Please be aware of this before you place a rush order if you are on a tight budget as we can’t ever guarantee ground shipment on a rush order.

Guaranteed Date Between 4-6 Weeks: +$25

16-20 Working Days: +$40

11-15 Working Days: +$60

7-10 Working Days: +$80

For all other custom items, please call 909.305.8989 for a quote for your rush order. Additional shipping charges may apply.

Unfortunately, we do not ship outside of the United States.

We ship via UPS. If requested, we can ship FedEx, but require a third-party FedEx number to do so. We do not ship via the US Postal Service and can therefore not ship to a PO box.