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April is National Home Decorating Month

Welcome the Spring season by opening your windows, smell
the fresh air and take inspiration from Bronzery's tips on refreshing your home

We specialize in turning your cherished memories into stunning pieces of
home decor. Here are three tips to decorate your home with your personal

Tip #1:

Display items that evoke positive memories

Bring warmth and positivity to your living space by displaying items that evoke fond memories, such as a loved one's favorite pair of shoes, hat, or fishing reel. These sentimental items can be showcased in a prominent location, like a mantel, bookshelf, or display case, where they can be easily admired and cherished.

Tip #2:

Choose objects that hold sentimental value

This category includes items that reflect your personal identity and story. We have transformed various personal items into cherished keepsakes, such as a first baseball glove, baby shoes, favorite childhood toy, roller skates that have become valued décor.

Tip #3:

Use keepsakes to create a focal point

Create a striking conversation piece in your home by displaying a preserved item that is unique and intriguing. We have transformed a range of items into show-stopping conversation starters. Here are few unique things we bronzed plated: 45-year-old stuffed dog, a half-smoked cigar and a N95 mask worn during Covid.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to preserving and using items as home or office decor.

Take a trip down memory lane by exploring your garage or basement and opening any storage bin - you're sure to find something that we can transform into a timeless, generational keepsake through our electro-bronze plating process.