Next Level, “Wow” Inspiring Awards

Our innovative approach of taking sporting equipment and crafting them into artistic awards is how students or retiring coaches will forever remember their high school athletic experience.  Click below for current pricing.  Listed pricing is before any CSADA special discounts are applied.

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Personal Memorabilia Fundraiser

Parents love our service.  It’s a great way for them to have their child’s sporting equipment crafted into a forever lasting, keepsake.  When a parent uses our service, your team makes money.

How Our Fundraising Works
Promoting Success

When your athletic program triumphs, Bronzery wants to share it.  When Selma High School purchased their Athlete of the Year Awards from us, we shared the athletes’ successes to our social media audience.  We believe that supporting our youth is the greatest investment we can make for our communities.

We Are Here to Help Celebrate Your Achievements

Look to us as being a part of your Athlete Achievement Support Team.

Want to learn about our fundraising program?  Want more pictures of our amazing creations? 

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