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Undoubtedly your role as a fire service professional positively impacted the lives of others. Your career is a source of inspiration.  Bronzery, in partnership with CSFA, is inspired to preserve your legacy of service. 

What item represents your career of service?

We will take your precious item and artistically craft it into a legacy keepsake. You will want to showcase this keepsake in any room in your home or office.

You made unwavering commitments to serving others; make the same commitment to showcasing your legacy. 

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Art communicates what words cannot

Here are some popular items fire professionals had electro-plated into a bronze, silver or 24 karat gold finish:

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Memories Are Stories. Stories Preserved By Bronzery Leave A Legacy!

What can I get bronzed?


When a precious item is artistically bronzed into a legacy keepsake that's shared for generations to come.