Preservation of First Responders' Service Program

By Bronzery

Timeless Preservation of One's Commitment

The Lousiana State Troopers Association uses our innovative service to honor its members by having their campaign hat i.e. Smokey - bronze plated.  The beautifully preserved Smokey is given by the Association as a gift to its retiring members.

Fundraiser For Your Association

Your members will love our service.  When a member uses our service, we give your association 5% of the total sale.  Your association can make, on average, $20 per order placed.  A member's family or friend can also use our service and generate revenue for your association!


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Member Discount

Your members will always enjoy a 10% discount on any of our services.

Promoting Your Members' Successes

Our service is about preserving memories and stories.  We want to share, through social media, your members' stories of what it means for them to serve their community.

Read Jay's, Executive Director of Louisiana State Trooopers Association, story he submitted to us.  The story captures the feelings a trooper has towards their campaign hat.

Campaign Hat Bronzed

Some of Our Clients

Lousiana State Troopers Association

Virginia State Police Association

Benbrook Firefighets Association

Honoring Our Fallen

Seattle Police Department

+Many individual military personnel, firefighters and peace offiers who have used our service as a gift for themself or for one of their associates.

We Are Here to Support Your Association

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