Crafting Memories into Tomorrow's Treasures;

Brings Money To Your Sports Team

What is Bronzery's Fundraiser?

Parents love our service.  For example, instead of tossing their child's worn out softball cleats into the trash, a parent has them Antique Bronze plated.  Now the cleats will forever serve as a fun reminder of the student's high school athletic experience.

 Simply introduce our service and the team makes money.  It's that simple!

Why Fundraise with Bronzery?


  • No Selling Involved—Just introduce our service to your parents and our service sells itself. Our dedicated customer care team will assist your school parents through the buying process.


  • Year Around Fundraising—Your team earns money year around; even during summer break.


  • More Fundraising Opportunities—Out of state family members can also participate in your fundraiser.  Plus, you earn revenue on any item sold through our e-store when a customer uses your team's tracking code.


  • No Financial Commitment—Our fundraising program is free to your organization.


  • Cancel Anytime—There is no time commitment to be a part of our fundraising program. However, we request that you promote our fundraiser for at least 3 months.


  • Experienced—Bronzery has been in business for over 30 years. We are America's only service that artistically preserves keepsakes through electro-plating.  All orders come with our Forever Shine Guarantee.


  • Trusted—Nike, Under Armour, Vans, Oakley, Boston Red Sox, Colorado State University, US Marine Corp, US Navy, Adidas plus many more recognized brands trust Bronzery in preserving keepsakes for their organization.

How Much Can My Team Fundraise?


Your team will make 10% of the total purchase made by someone who has your fundraising code.  You can expect to fundraise, on average, $35 per buy.

How Does the Fundraising Program Work?


  • After signing up for the fundraiser, we help launch the fundraiser with a $25 gift certificate giveaway.  The winner can use the gift certificate on any Collection we have on our E-Store.


  • We provide co-branded marketing collateral that promotes the fundraiser. You can distribute the collateral electronically or in print to your families.  A shared Dropbox folder is created for your organization to access the collateral.


  • People purchase through Bronzery using your organization’s tracking code so your team receives credit for the sale. 


  • You will have a fundraising dashboard to review how much revenue has been raised for your team.  This is where you go to request monetary payouts.
Still Interested?

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