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Remembering Loved Ones

Remembering a Child

Bronzery did a wonderful job on Joe's first shoes for learning to walk. Our son passed away in 2018. I plan to give the beautifully preserved baby shoes to my husband for a birthday present later this month. They will certainly bring
tears to his eyes. --Anna S

Remembering Significant Other

I had my late husband’s cowboy boot bronze and it turned out amazing! I
will cherish it forever! --LeeAnn

Remembering Dad

I wanted to personally thank you all for the BEAUTIFUL job that you done with my Father boots. My Family and I are still Speechless( They look that good)! My mom Loved them, got really emotional once she seen them, so much that I might have to end of letting her have them( but that’s cool as long as that’s something that is giving her peace)!--M Robin

Thank You Letter from Chester Academy

Remembering a past teacher: Pg 1

Remembering a past teacher: Pg 2

unique sports memorabilia

Only NFL Owners with 24 Karat Gold Footballs

They (the owners of NFL's Washington Commanders) have many commemorative footballs and helmets, but this pair stands far above all of those. Its magnificent and has been placed in a special place for any guests who visit to see.

 Thanks once again for creating this special & one of a kind gift (24 karat gold footballs and helmet). If we ever need something like this, or hear of someone who does, we’ll be sure to send them your way.

 P.S. your company’s advice to create an overlay on the NFL shield for names is the coolest thing. It makes the football truly look like it was meant for them!

 Best, Luke (Commander's Chief of Staff)

New York City Marathon Champion

Under Armour's athlete Sharon Lokedi wins on her NYC marathon debut with a time of 2:23:23. Running shoes were bronzed and presented on a black lacquer base.

Celebrate Life Moments

Grateful for Military Service

This is the second US Marine Corps Officer’s Cover that I had preserved. The first an everyday barracks cover and the second a Field grade dress uniformcover. Your workmanship was beyond outstanding. When I pass from this life oneof these cover will adorn my casket.


Preserving Childrens' Life Moments

This is the third pair of shoes I have bronzed for my kids after they had accomplished a great feat in their life. Bronzery did another amazing job in preserving those memories for my child.


My husband cried when he saw his baby shoe so beautifully bronzed!

--Krista Parma

Tony Hsieh Award

Honoring the late founder of Zappos.com; the annual award honors innovative business leaders who transform their organization's approach in providing their employees with a quality work/life balance.