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pride, community, and purpose

Undoubtedly your role as a Texas Public Safety Officer positively impacts the lives of others. Your career is a source of inspiration.  Bronzery, in partnership with DPSOA, is inspired to preserve your legacy of service. 

Your career has Stories. Stories Preserved By Bronzery celebrate your Legacy!

We take a personal item you feel best represents your career (possibly your Stetson hat!?) and artistically craft it into a bronzed-plated legacy keepsake. This keepsake will be proudly showcased in any room at your home or office.

You made unwavering commitments in serving others; make the same commitment to showcasing your legacy. 

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What can I get bronzed?


When a precious item is artistically bronzed into a legacy keepsake that's shared for generations to come.

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We look forward celebrating your legacy of service with our one-of-a-kind process of bronze plating personal items into artistic keepsakes.