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"Moments big as years," by the poet John Keats

We all have joyful moments that stay with us for a lifetime.  We use those moments to bring meaning and joy into our life. These moments are gifts that keep giving and help disrupt negative thought patterns, alleviate anxiety and even lower cortisol levels.

Let’s savor life twice: Once in the moment of experiencing a joyful experience and again when recalling that happy memory. Here are 3 tips for recalling happy memories to reduce stress.

Content is inspired from an article The Benefits of Reliving Your Happy Memories Article in Psychology Today. Published March 30, 2023

Tip #1:

Count happy memories rather than sheep.

Begin a nightly practice of recalling those happy moments that occurred that day. This will spark relaxation and joy.

Tip #2:

Send a note to someone who makes your life better.

Take a minute to tell an acquaintance, colleague, or friend “my life is better for knowing you.” It's an act of generosity that enriches both the recipient and the sender.

Tip #3:

Use physical prompts

Harness the power of sensory triggers by having an item displayed in your home that brings happy memories. Just by looking at the item will catapult you back to that happier time.