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Keepsake Ballet Slippers


Introducing our exquisite electro plated Ballet Slippers, crafted with precision to capture everlasting memories of your dance year or competition experience. 

Metal Options: Choose from Bright Bronze, Antique Bronze, Silver, and 24 Karate Gold. Note, Silver and 24 Karate Gold take an additional specialist to complete and the service takes additional time. 

Pricing Size Guide

  • Adult Slippers: 8" or larger
  • Children Slippers: 3"-8"
  • Baby Slippers: 1"-3"

Customization Choices: Select your desired style with options like having drawstrings or ribbon secured and plated as a bow tie, or cut off. In addition you can customize with a personalized hangtag or mount slipper(s) on a base with custom engraving. 
Engraved hang tags may include 2 lines up to 15 characters and bases may include up to 2 lines and up to 25 characters.

Production Time: Standard production time is 8-10 weeks, varying based on the type of ballet slipper chosen. Slippers with more absorbent material may take longer due to the electro-metal plating process. If you're in a rush, expedite your order with our rush shipping option at checkout.

Preserve the artistry of ballet with our carefully electroplating of your keepsake Ballet Slippers, a perfect blend of elegance and performance. Order your personalized keepsake today and create everlasting memories of the dance floor.