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Bronzery is a zero liquid discharge facility which makes their corporate awards green friendly.

Celebrating Earth Day: Bronzery's Zero Discharge Electroplating

Bronzery, a leader in electroplating non-metallic items, has redefined industry standards by achieving zero discharge in its operations. This coming Earth Day, let's celebrate our commitment to sustainability.

Electroplating is essential for enhancing product durability and aesthetics but historically generates wastewater laden with heavy metals, posing environmental risks (Read our other blog about what is electro-plating).  Our zero discharge approach eliminates this concern by recycling all materials used in plating, preventing any waste from entering local sewage systems.  We have created a closed-loop system that minimizes pollution and conserves resources.

Employee engagement is critical with comprehensive training fostering a culture of environmental responsibility. Through education programs, employees identify opportunities for improvement, ensuring everyone is committed to Bronzery's environmental goals.

Our zero discharge initiative isn't just about compliance—it's a proactive stance toward environmental conservation.   We believe that can hand craft the most inspiring awards and memorabilia while safeguarding the planet for generations to come.

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