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Vans and Bronzery Preserve MLB History

Vans and Bronzery Preserve MLB History

On August 8, 2023, Phillies' pitcher Michael Lorenzen etched his name into MLB history with a thrilling no-hitter – the 124th in baseball's history and the 14th for the Phillies.  What's more, he did it in style, wearing white Vans Ultra Range shoes that were converted into cleats. 

When Steve Van Doren, the son to the founder of Vans, learned Michael pitched the no hitter wearing Vans, he knew he had to seize the moment. Vans wasted no time joining forces with Bronzery to craft an electrifying piece of baseball memorabilia that would pay homage to this historic feat. 

A pair of Vans Ultra Range cleats were transformed by applying a shimmering, metallic-bronze skin over the cleats turning them into works of art.  This next level baseball memorabilia was complete with custom 3D engraving on the cleats that proudly displays Michael's last name and the iconic inscription: "No-No 124." This pair of bronze-metallic cleats is a tribute to daring innovation, a celebration of history, and a thrilling testament to the boundless spirit of the game.

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