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Top 5 Baby Shower Gift Ideas

Top 5 Baby Shower Gift Ideas

It can be very overwhelming for expecting parents to wait for a new family member. During this stressful time, there are a few ideas for gifts for the parents-to-be. Here are some great ideas to help you out. You can buy a car seat,  a sleep-inducing white noise machine, and all the essentials such as diapers.  Better yet, you can purchase all these items online.

The Fisher-Price Four-In-One Cradle 'n Swing

Fisher-Price has a 4 in 1 Smart Connect Cradle ‘n Swing that can be a real lifesaver for parents with a fussy baby. The cradle allows the baby to sit up, reducing reflux and colic while offering a very soothing rocking motion. The overall design and size are perfect for newborns and the rocker can be easy to move around your home. You can read more details by clicking on this link. 

Keep in mind, even though many parents are opting to replace the classic bassinet with this rocker, it must be supervised at all times. Also, most experts do not believe this should be used for sleeping as it can be unsafe.

A Wearable Blanket And Sleeping Bag

This is a 5-star choice for new babies living in bitter winter conditions The sleeping bag will let your baby sleep while staying warm without all the possible hazards from loose blankets in a crib. The sleeveless design of the sleeping sack will allow your baby to sleep in comfortable warmth without becoming overheated. The bottom zipper design makes it really easy to change diapers.  Trusted by doctors across the country, this sleeping sack is one of the best presents for expecting parents. Click Here for more information. 

The Beba Wrap

Baby wraps have become super popular lately. The Beba Wrap is on the top of the list of purchased baby wraps by parents and offers a hand-free convenience along with other great benefits.  This high-quality wrap has become a top priority for new parents and will be a great baby shower gift.  The Beba Wrap is the number one bestseller in Amazon’s Child Carrier Slings category. 

Get A Gift Card From Bronzery

The Bronzery is the only company in the United States that will bronze absolutely anything. They are known for bronzing baby shoes and other baby items.

With their fabulous and unique gift card, family and friends can order online on their website at any time.  The company will send the item out to be bronzed and get them back in 6 to 8 weeks. This could make an excellent gift for anyone with a newborn trying to preserve memories!

The Bamboo Three-In-One Booster Seat


This is a perfect shower gift for a new baby. What’s so unique about this seat, it allows the seat to grow along with the baby. The Booster Three-In-One seat can be used on the floor, as a seat for feeding, or a booster, depending on your needs. The best part of the Booster Three-In-One Booster Seat, the proceeds are donated worldwide to children in need.

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Great Gifts For Sports Fans

Great Gifts For Sports Fans

Across the board, most people have at least one sports fan in their lives. If you have a friend who loves sports over any other interests, you pretty much know what to give them for a gift. Whether it’s only one sport or all of them, they are hooked and belong to a large club of sports nuts from around the world.

Because sports are so hugely popular, there are so many gifts and memorabilia available for those special people in your life.

A Jersey for Football Fans

Probably the most popular item wanted by sports fans would be a jersey. Whether you are looking for an American team or an international team, jerseys will always be on the top of the list. Jerseys are available for all sports including baseball, football, soccer, basketball, hockey, and the list goes on. Also, now you can purchase a blank jersey and customize it with a team, a number, or even the name of their favorite player. You can also go for a pre-made jersey with a player’s name and number.


Bronzery Gift Cards

As mentioned much earlier on, Bronzery will bronze absolutely anything. Including sports items and turn them into a special item. Your sports fan will be given a gift card, so they can order what they want to be bronzed. Again, the item will be shipped out for bronzing and will take between 6 and 8 weeks to get back. Without a doubt, this would be an exceptional gift!

How About A Team’s Flag Or Banner?

Another really popular merchandising item is a team flag or a banner. Fans will always go for flags or banners with logos or possibly a championship option. Flags and banners are perfect to display on walls or a chosen spot for sports memorabilia. We’ve all noticed fans that attach flags to their car antenna in celebration of a win.


Possibly, your sports fan is into collectibles such as figurines of their favorite player. You can find collectibles in various website stores. Many figurines are actually quite realistic in motions or actions during the game. Figurines usually come with stands to keep them safe. You can find many stylized statues from Funko-Pop and better yet, a statue that has been signed. Just keep in mind, signed statues or figurines will cost a good deal more.


Rare items like a signed helmet, signed bats, or signed jerseys will come at a cost. If you are able to get a rare item, it will make a fantastic gift!


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Six Christmas Gift Ideas for Her

Six Christmas Gift Ideas for Her

If you already have some Christmas gift ideas for that special someone in your life, all the more power to you! On the other hand, if you haven’t a clue, we are here to help you out.

If that special person is a woman, she might be difficult to shop for. Women can be picky when it comes to what they want for a present. She probably already has an idea what she wants. You might be considering something that she might already have or would probably buy for herself anyway.

No matter what your decision will be, whether this is for your wife, a girlfriend, mom, grandmother, or a good friend, just make sure you let them know they are thought of and how much you care. But, if you still have no idea what to get her, here are some really good thoughts.

Burt’s Bees Essential Everyday Beauty Gift Set

This gift set has everything she would need for a naturally beautiful face and lips.

White Tea Cleansing Facial Towelettes, Soap Bark & Chamomile Deep Cleansing Cream, Peach & Willow Bark Deep Pore Scrub and Coconut & Pear Moisturizing Lip Balm.

This gift set comes with many quality products and packaged in a lovely gift box. Click on this link for details.

OYS Yoga 2-Piece Workout Outfits For Women

Whether your friend, girlfriend or wife likes to work out at home or just sit back and relax, this is an excellent choice. 

Made from high-quality stretchy fabric, she will enjoy its soft comfortable fit. This outfit offers high wasted leggings, comes in a curve design, and fits just about any occasion from fitness, jogging,  or any outdoor workout.  This is an excellent choice she will love! Please click on this link to read more!

Elecstars Shower Speaker

Here is another great idea for a Christmas gift.  I’m sure she would love a shower speaker to sing along with her favorite songs. Whether this gift is for your wife, girlfriend, grandmother, or mom, she will be thrilled listening to her MP3 playlist while in the shower.  All she has to do is pair this item with a phone, laptop, or tablet using Bluetooth, and they are set to listen to their favorite songs. Bluetooth can connect up to 10 meters away. Also, you can move your speaker to the pool or garden and just relax. Just click this link to learn more!

Star Eye Mask

This is an excellent option for an eye masks that offer what they need for skincare including licorice root and a Retinol formula without any harmful or questionable ingredients.  You will feel good about giving her this gift. Click on this link to learn more.

AirPods With A Charging Case

These are wireless earbuds that connect automatically and offer more than 24 hours of listening fun.  If she doesn’t have one, she definitely needs a pair now! Read more by clicking Here  


 A Gift Card From Bronzery

The Bronzery is the only company in the United States that will bronze absolutely anything. They are known for bronzing baby shoes but they can bronze much more.

With their fabulous gift card, family and friends can order online on their website at any time.  The company will send the item out to be bronzed and get them back in 6 to 8 weeks. This could make an excellent gift for any women in your life!

Read more by clicking Here  
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What You Should Know About Gathering Safely For Thanksgiving

What You Should Know About Gathering Safely For Thanksgiving

If you are planning a big celebration for Thanksgiving, there are things you should know, especially with new outbreaks of COVID-19 in the U.S. This means there are still risks of infection whether solely or in groups.

I would wager to say that most people are looking forward to things getting back to normal with no end in sight. During this holiday season, there will be new traditions in place whether we are happy about it or not. Here are some requirements that must be followed:

You should keep your celebrations as small as possible during this pandemic.

If you are planning to attend a Thanksgiving parade, attend events like a turkey trot for fun, or have a large family gathering of a family member that does not live with you, you must show cautions.

All the above could put you and your family at risk. To keep everyone safe there are two requirements you must follow. Make sure you wear a mask and practice social distancing where ever possible.

According to infectious diseases and infection control experts, the best way to protect yourself and family members during Thanksgiving, have small gatherings with only people who live in your household.  Going to gas stations, hotels, airports, or hopping on a plane will be more crowded this time of year. You should consider minimizing your plans by celebrating at home.

If this thought of celebrating Thanksgiving celebrations will be removed from your calendar, find ways to celebrate more safely.

You might consider shopping for gifts and Thanksgiving decor online, watch parades on television,  exchange family recipes through emails,  and connect virtually.

According to Catherine Powers-James, Ph.D., a licensed psychologist in the Integrative Medicine Center sharing a Thanksgiving meal is not only a super important but a very powerful feeling of joy. You can still do this in a responsible manner to savor the aromas and flavors together.

Consider having small socially distanced outdoor gatherings in open areas in the country that allow for good weather conditions in November.  This helps to reduce the risk of any transmissions.

How To Minimize Your Exposure To COVID-19 -

There are several important steps you can take to minimize any chances of COVID-19 exposure whenever possible.  If you are a family member suffers from cancer, you know these people are at a higher risk of contracting the virus or developing complications 

Stay away from areas that will be overcrowded including shopping malls during Black Friday, attending marathons, and parades. Again,  maintain social distancing which is almost impossible in these situations.

If you have a family member traveling from out of tow such as a college student, ask them to be tested before leaving their location and have everyone in your home wear a mask and distancing measures.

For a long weekend or an entire week, there really is not enough time to self- quarantine so it’s really important to play it safe and not be sorry.

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Gifts Ideas For Member Of The Military

Gifts Ideas For Member Of The Military

For many families, the holiday is a most wonderful time of year loaded with laughter, exchanging presents, and singing carols. But that’s not the case for everyone. Military families have loved ones deployed overseas and this requires a little more love and a lot of creativity on the part of the families. This is the time of year when adults and children are coping with trying to deal with missing family members.

We are providing a list of gifts for service members and their families during the holidays.

Daddy And Mommy Dolls

Young children are going without hugs from their mothers and fathers. This might just be a wonderful gift for them.  These children might call them a Daddy Doll, Mommy Doll, or even a Hug-A-Hero Doll. These dolls are great for helping to fill the gap with a missing loved one. The Daddy Doll website offers other great gifts s well including dog tags, baby loves, and pet pillows.

The USO Workbook

The USO Workbook will let you purchase gifts for service members to celebrate the holidays. Some gifts include comfort food kits, deployment kits, tech to connect, phone calls home, long distant bedtime stories, and send an e-card with a personal message.


Get A Gift Card From Bronzery

The Bronzery is the only company in the United States that will bronze absolutely anything. They are known for bronzing military items from hats/helmets to boots.

With their fabulous gift card, family and friends can order online on their website at any time.  The company will send the item out to be bronzed and get them back in 6 to 8 weeks. This could make an excellent gift for members of the military!


Operation Homefront Holiday Meals and Toy Drive

Operation Homefront distributes meals to thousands of military families around the country through their Holiday Meals For Military program.  

The meal includes turkey, gravy, cranberry sauce, and vegetables.  Registration varies by location. Operation Homefront also has a Holiday Toy Drive program for distributing toys and gift cards for military families.

To donate toys, visit your local Dollar Tree store in November and December. Also, check out Operation Homefront’s Facebook page to catch up on events and registration. 

Portraits Of Love

This company sets up photoshoots for service members’ families across the country. Their goal is to create memorable portraits to send to service members overseas and their family members at home. They are in partnership with USO allowing the Portraits of Love program to reach many more military families.

Trees For Troops

Let’s face it Christmas is just not the same without a Christmas tree.  Trees For Troops provides trees for service members in all branches of the military and for their families both in the United States and overseas. Trees For Troops is able to do this through donations, sponsorships, grants, and volunteers.

United Through Reading

This is an excellent program allowing deployed troops to read books to their children even if they are not home. Service members read a book out loud at selected locations where it’s being recorded with the help of a volunteer.

At most recording locations, the volunteer will give you the video and the book that you can mail to your child.  Also, recordable books are available at various stores including Hallmark, Amazon.com, Barnes, and Noble. Kids can send a book back to their deployed parents and show off their reading skills.

Click here to find recording locations near you.


If you are looking for unique Christmas stockings, CAMOSOCK has military-themed stockings for service members and their families at home. These stockings are available for all branches of the military and you can get family support stockings for spouses and parents. All shipping is absolutely free! For more information please Click Here

For Homemade Gifts

Deployed service members and their families can get really creative making homemade gifts.  Cards, collages, ornaments, scrapbooks, even traced outstretched arms on a large piece of paper to send-outs huh.  These homemade gifts are precious because of the time, effort, and love that has gone into them. Everyone can make these at little cost and you can get supplies using military discounts through Michaels and JOANN. Why not try your hand at making homemade goodies to send off to service members?

Click Here to get a great recipe for cakes in a jar!
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Halloween safety protocol Bronzery

Five Great Ideas To Celebrate Halloween Safely!

This year, there are new fears and concerns for celebrating Halloween and none of them include ghosts!  According to Dr. Beth Thielen, a pediatric infectious disease physician at the University of Minnesota medical school and John Jost who operates the city of  Anoka’s annual Halloween celebration which has many changes this year. They are sharing their ideas and suggestions to navigate through this celebration while dealing with the pandemic.

Re-check Your Expectations

There are many traditional Halloween practices such as trick-or-treat and coming in contact with many other people face to face. This year, in order to prevent the spreading of COVID-19 there are aspects of Halloween that must be changed.

Dr.  Thielen said do not think about this in a perspective of what you cannot do, but flip that thinking around. She added there are ways we can be smart and creative and incorporate tie-ins into behaviors to keep us safe.

First off, prepare your children for what to expect when it comes to your family’s plans to get ahead of possible holiday disappointments. You must make sure everyone is on the same page and expect fun to be different from what everyone might think of as traditional.

Create Low-Risk Alternatives When Handling Candy

Children, by instinct, want to search through a huge basket of candy looking for their favorite treats.  The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention highly recommends not using a common container for handing out treats this year.

The CDC suggests becoming engaged in festivities at a safe distance by placing grab-and-go bags of goodies at the end of your driveway or on the sidewalk for trick-or-treaters to pick up on their way passing by.

Other options that are low-risk might include carving a pumpkin, decorating your home, or having a Halloween movie night with members of your family household. 

For further information about Halloween activities and the various levels of risk they might carry, please visit CDC’s Halloween guidelines.

Take Your Celebrations Outside

Gathering inside can increase the risks of exposure to COVID-19 because it’s difficult for people to practice social distancing in confined areas.

By taking the activities outside, you will have a safer environment for everyone and the opportunity to get some fresh air before colder weather sets in.  Keep in mind, even if you move your activities outside, don’t forget to practice the basics of COVID-19 prevention including wearing a mask, social distancing, and keeping your group small.  

According to Dr.  Thielen, you still need to know there are transmissions outdoors as well when people congregated too close to each other.

Be Sure To Wear A Mask & We Don’t Mean A Halloween Mask

The most prominent step to prevent COVID-19 is wearing a mask. Although it might be tempting to replace the mask with a  Halloween mask, you shouldn’t. Dr. Thielen said it is important to wear a mask that has become ever-present in the COVID-19 era. You must have a mask that covers your nose and mouth.

Do not wear a Halloween mask that leaves areas open for droplets to get out.

It does not have to be boring.  This might be a great time to be creative by designing your own mask Create your cloth mask to ensure your face and nose are covered. 

If you do not know how to create a mask that is COVID-19 appropriate, here is a video on YouTube to get some ideas.

Refrain From Screaming

No joke!  The coronavirus is passed by respiratory droplets which include talking, singing, and screaming! Talking, singing, and yelling will generate infectious droplets.

Even if you become scared try to avoid screaming. A great idea might be too, form a scavenger hunt for the kids in your home. Hide candy throughout your yard and use stickers to color-code the candy for both little and big kids. Stickers can ensure little kids will have a chance to compete against the bigger kids.

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Kids summer activities

8 Fun Activities To Do With Kids This Summer

Here is a list of fun activities  to do with your kids this summer:

Camp in yard

Get a tent in the backyard and spend the night underneath the stars. This free summer activity has one major benefit over normal camping: there’s a working toilet couple feet away! Don't have a backyard? Make your own camp in the living room!

Plan a Bike Parade

Tell your kids to decorate their rides with streamers, stickers, flags, and more—then let them cruise around the neighborhood to show off their creation.

Make a bird feeder

Invite summertime birds to your yard with a DIY bird feeder. To make it, simply coat sticks with peanut butter and roll them in birdseed. It’s the perfect opportunity to teach kids about nature and animals.

DIY Chalk Bombs

Kids will have a blast with this idea from mom Lorie King Kaehler, author of Chalk on the Wild Side. Use a clean soap-dispenser pump to fill water balloons with a washable chalk-paint mixture (1 cup of water, 2 tablespoons of cornstarch, and a few drops of food coloring). Have your child draw targets on the ground with chalk or just let him go wild. Fire away!

At home picnic

You can host a picnic lunch without leaving your property! Choose a mealtime destination, whether it’s a patio table or blanket in the backyard. Prepare picnic staples like sandwiches, load them into a basket, and enjoy dining al fresco. 


Decorate rocks

The next time you embark on a hike, have your children collect rocks. At home, they can decorate the stones with paint, stickers, markers, glitter, and other art supplies. Display the finished products around the house, use them as paperweights, or give them to relatives!

Make Homemade Goop

Mix up a bowl of Oobleck, a mysterious matter that kids can shape into balls or let ooze from their fingers. Here's how:

  • Pour one cup of water into a large mixing bowl
  • Add a few drops of food coloring (any color)
  • Slowly stir in two cups of cornstarch (use a spoon at first, but you may eventually find it's easier with your hands)

Go over their old clothes and items

Get the kids together go over their baby clothes and toys. It's great to tell them stories about them and you can also donate or resell some of them with your kid's help! And if you find old baby's shoes, you can always have them bronzed by Bronzery !

Your kids can do this fun summer activity either inside or outside the house!

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45 Ways to Honor and Celebrate Our Veterans

45 Ways to Honor and Celebrate Our Veterans

We have compiled for you a list of 45 things you can do to honor a Veteran. Our Veterans selflessly served our Country for our freedom and we can't take this lightly.

Honor our Veterans any day of the year by picking one of these suggestions, and let our Veterans know how much they mean to you.

  1. Attend an event on Veteran’s Day.
  2. Ask a Veteran to tell you stories about their time in the military, and ask questions.
  3. Hang a US flag in your yard.
  4. Ask a Veteran to tell you the song reminds him the most about the time he served.
  5. Visit a gravesite of a Veteran.
  6. Volunteer at a homebound Veteran, talk with them and thank them for their service.
  7. Bronze a military hat of a veteran and gift it to him.
  8. Take a Veteran out to dinner.
  9. Bring dinner to a Veteran.
  10. Tell someone about an experience you had volunteering at the VA.
  11. Bring flowers to a Veterans memorial.
  12. Send a card or a letter to someone serving in the military.
  13. Ask a neighbor or a friend about their deployment.
  14. Give a call to a Veteran family member.
  15. Thank a Veteran co-worker for their service.
  16. Take a moment to reflect and be proud of your country.
  17. Teach someone what it means to be in the military and a Veteran.
  18. Share pictures of a Veteran.
  19. Pray/meditate for those who are serving.
  20. Learn about current news and history on war/conflict.
  21. Research your ancestry to see if someone in your family was a Veteran.
  22. Hug your family.
  23. Observe a moment of silence to honor Veterans.
  24. Read a book that a Veteran.
  25. Wear a “Pro-Vet” T-Shirt.
  26. Buy a Buddy Poppy. Wear it all day, attach it to your purse or bag and keep it there until it falls apart. 
  27. Read the poem “In Flanders Field the poppies grow”.
  28. Get your children and grandchildren to know who the Veterans are within their own family, and share the family stories with them.
  29. Do a project about Veterans with young children or grandchildren. 
  30. Write on your blog about your appreciation for Veterans.
  31. Get children or grandchildren make a thank you card and post them in the window.
  32. Stand out in front of the VA greet Veterans as they are being dropped off at the door.
  33. Tell a loved one why you enjoy serving Veterans.
  34. Buy a homeless Veteran a cup of coffee.
  35. Donate time or money or supplies to local Veterans Day drives.
  36. Volunteer to help a Veteran’s Service Organization (there are lots!).
  37. Take a moment to reflect on what it means to live in America.
  38. Gather with friends and family and watch a patriotic movie.
  39. Go to a Veterans Day parade.
  40. Write in your journal how thankful you are for the service of Veterans.
  41. Take a quiet moment and imagine hearing “taps” played in your head.  Think about what it means.
  42. Thank a Veteran of his/her service while doing errands.
  43. Shake a Veteran’s hand.
  44. Send an email that tells a Veteran’s story to the people on your contact list.
  45. Pick one or two of the activities listed above, and resolve to do them at least one time every month this year when it’s NOT Veteran’s Day.
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5 Ways to Show Appreciation for Your Military Spouse

5 Ways to Show Appreciation for Your Military Spouse

In 1984 President Ronald Reagan declared that the Friday before Mother's Days should be Military Spouse Appreciation Day. This is a special day to recognize the importance of spousal duty and commitment to the readiness and well-being of military members. In 2020, the Military Spouse Appreciation Day will be celebrated on May 8.

If you are wondering how best to show your appreciation to your spouse, don't look further. We are here to help! We know that this year is especially difficult, because of the events happening across the world. Here are a few ideas to help you show the military spouses in your life how much you appreciate them on Military Spouse Appreciation Day, and every day:

  1. Cook a meal

Military spouses often have a lot to handle. They are always balancing day to day life while missing their spouse and dealing with all the other stresses of life. Having a full dinner ready could mean the world to them. So why not cook a nice meal for a military spouse in your life?  Little things like this mean more than you can imagine.

  1. Give them Flowers

Giving someone flowers is never a bad idea. Something bright and pretty like can brighten a room and the day for any spouse. Flowers are a great way to show love and appreciation for the military spouse in your life. 

  1. Bronze an Item that Represents your Relationship

Bronzing an item like the keys of your first home together, or the first fortune cooking you both have, is a very unique and sentimental surprise. Luckily, you can always count on Bronzery to deliver the perfect finishes that will make the surprise memorable! 

  1. Post on Social Media

Open your Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter and write a message on how much your appreciate your spouse for everyone to see. Don't be shy to tell the world how much your military spouses are loved and appreciated. 

  1. Write and Say How Much You Appreciate Them

Sometimes simple gestures are the best. Writing a letter or just saying "Thank you"  and how grateful your are for their support can be enough. Military spouses make sacrifices every day, they face lonely days and nights and they do it because they love someone who is in the military. They do it so that their significant others can do their duty to protect our freedoms.

So, this Military Spouse Appreciation Day, let the military spouses in your life know how grateful you are to them by saying, "Thank you."

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DIY bird feeder

5 Fun Things To Do With Kids at Home

Trying to keep them entertained at home? In between being homeschooled and the confinement, it's time to get creative and plan some good old-fashioned family fun. If you’ don't know what to do with the kids, we’ve got some ideas to get you started with Bronzery.

Create a Treasure Hunt

When the kids start to feel bored up - it's time to send them on a treasure hunt. You can organize it either in the house, in the backyard or around the neighborhood (at a social distance!, of course) It is easy and fun to do with an n old piece of a brown paper bag. Draw the map, leave the clues, the treasures and let the kids find the fun!


Kids love FLOAM! Here is a quick recipe on how to make it.

FLOAM Ingredients:

  • A small bottle of glue
  • 1/2 tablespoon of baking soda
  • 3/4 cup water
  • 1 1/2 tablespoons of saline solution 
  • 1/2 cup bean bag filler.

FLOAM instructions:

  • Pour the glue into a bowl
  • Add the baking soda and water
  • Slowly add the saline solution a few teaspoons at a time, mixing in between
  • Mix and then knew, adding more saline solution if needed
  • Add beads and knead until fully mixed

Read - with a twist! 

If you are having a hard time getting the kids to read more books, shake things up with a story bag!

Fill up a paper bags with random items like a rubber duck, a toy, a doll, etc... (basically anything you have handy) Then get the kids to tell YOU a story, by pulling the items out of the bag, one at a time. This is one story that never gets boring, because it’s changing all the time!

Make your home a family restaurant!

Have the kids plan the menu, set the table, help with the cooking, makeup menus, even play the part of waiter/waitress - taking your order and adding up a “bill,” even although everything is of course - on the house.

Have older kids? Teens might like to turn tonight’s dinner into a cooking show they can video and share with the family or on social media.

Make a bird feeder

As school ramps up at home, you should look for ways to make learning fun for your kids. Now’s the perfect time to get outside and explore nature with DIY bird feeders. Kids can make this project with old milk cartons. To get started, cut a hole in the milk carton, clean it out and add birdseed, sticks on the outside, and decorate. Then place the bird feeders outside and watch for little visitors!

For more ideas for family fun, look at our other blog posts! 

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Ways to honor veteran

5 Ways to Honor a Veteran

After the first anniversary in celebration of our returned soldiers during World War 1, it became a national tradition. In honor, celebration and support of our brave soldiers this year, you can do something out of the ordinary to those veterans in your life. Buy them perfect gifts that represent their life in services, as well as a long-lasting gift.

Here are some gift ideas:

Bronzed Boots  

We all have seen how shiny those boots are, always. It is the first task a soldier learns- how to shine their boots. It is also a task they do all so diligently, like everything else, and have a deep connection to it.

So, a bronzed pair of their boots will last a lifetime and will be a precious memory of their sacrifice.

What’s more is that it can be mounted on a base of your choosing. Personalise it by adding their name, rank pins, and even the duration they served.

Bronzed Cover (Hat)

What we civilians call a military hat is actually called a cover. As a representation of all the etiquette they learned and preserved while in services, a bronzed cover would be a perfect gift.

It can either be unmounted or be mounted on a base that pleases you. Also, a little personalization will go a long way in showing that you put some into it. Have it engraved with their initials or the period they served- just anything that will melt their heart.  

The American Eagle Statue

If you are looking for a perfect gift for a veteran on this year’s anniversary, something that represents America and is not just the flag, then a bronzed statue of the Bald Eagle is the ideal gift.

This will be a perfect reminder of the country they served anytime they see it!


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Top 10 Reasons to Give a Personalized Gift

Top 10 Reasons to Give a Personalized Gift

Top 10 Reasons to Give a Personalized Gift

Finding a gift in this era is not hard. Actually, a simple Google search will give you countless ideas. Does the “gift” show how much you know the recipient? Most often than not the answer is no. Why? Because it not a personalized gift.

Below are the top 10 reasons to give a personalized gift.

Building a Stronger Connection

A personalized gift lets the recipient know that you really do care about them. You have taken the time to learn about them. That gift will remind them why you are in their life, and why they need you in it.


Remember “it’s the thought that counts’’? Well, a personalized gift shows that you put much thought into it. And that is very impressive!

Suits Any Occasion

Customizing a gift makes it easy for you to get one for any occasion. You will no longer have to stress about what gift you need for a wedding or a birthday party or any other party for that matter.


Gone are the days when you would hit the mall for a gift only to be disappointed when someone else shows up with the same item. A personalized gift is very unique.


A personalized gift gives you room to play around with ideas and your mind. It’s also an opportunity to make something that is of great quality.

Hard-to-shop-for Person

It is hard shopping for someone that buys everything they lay their eyes on. A personalized gift gives you a chance to make something that cannot be picked off the shelves of Walmart.

Less expensive- Mostly

On most occasions, a personalized gift is less pricey compared to buying one from the mall or online shops. This is truer for those handmade gifts.

Treasured Gifts

A personalized gift will be more treasured. Most people keep such gifts where they can see and touch them any day at any time. They never forget about them.

Works for Everyone

A customized gift works for everyone regardless of their gender or age.


Taking the time to create something or even get ideas is fun. You will not be bored like browsing through endless catalogs and not picking something in the end.

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